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Wow. It’s been a long time since I updated again! This time, I’m not going to do what I did the other time — blogging about every single day that I didn’t blog about. :X Cause I’m not competing with Daryl now. haha. Kidding. 😛  I don’t really have the time and I can’t really recall much at the moment.

Basically, I’ve planned out my daily timetable! It really works pretty well cause I had something to follow. It kind of keeps me on track. And I suddenly feel like I never had so much time before! Well, that’s what a timetable can do. 😛

I just had a haircut just now! First time I went to a ‘proper’ salon and the first time my hair was cut by a stranger. Cause since young, Mom has been bringing me to her friends to cut my hair. :X I’d say the hairdresser did a very good job. Haha.

Now, I’m trying to learn Spanish and Russian! I got my headset and I could talk to Natalia and Jake through Skype and stuff! YAY! It was really good! I LOVE NATALIA AND JAKE! ((: They seriously make my day everytime. ((:

I enjoy writing these days. Hehe. Miss Krishnan is a good English teacher. (: Somehow, she seem to be telling the truth. Like, if it’s easy, she’ll say so. If it’s tough she’d say it too. But most importantly, she makes everything sound so possible. ((: That’s why I like it. hehe. I kind of enjoy doing her homework actually. HAHA.

Mr Ho is really good at teaching Math too! He teaches really fast. His explanations are really clear and short. ((: He jokes around to keep us awake. I understood a lot when he taught us. ((:

Actually, I love all my teachers! 😀 They’re all very experienced and really good! I feel slightly more prepared for the Os this year. Hehe. But I, myself have to be prepared too! And to be frank, at the moment, I’m not and I’m worried. :X

Anyway, I got to go. I’ll be updating again when I find the time. Till then, good luck to all! ((:

lots of love,


My precious time…

HEY! 😀

Okay. The unhappy stuff first. Yesterday, I waited for a freaking bus 109 for ONE-HOUR-AND-THIRTY-MINUTES! Imagine, sitting at the bus stop from 19:00 to 20:30, looking out for a pathetic bus 109 as the sky turns from bright to dark, the temperature starts to drop and the cold wind starts to blow. It made me upset cause I wasted 90 minutes of my life.

The past few days, I realised how much I treasure my time. If I waste any time, not doing something productive, not doing something I choose to do yet not forced to do either, I get super upset or even depressed. I guess that’s just me. I can’t afford my time to be wasted on things like waiting for the bus AND strolling. Maybe that’s why I always walk so fast. Strolling when I’m tired and stuff is fine. But strolling when I’m not lethargic at all is killing my legs and I’ll also consider it a torture. :X I think I get very annoyed if my time is wasted by something else because if I’m the one that wasted my own time, I bear the consequences. But if other factors are the one that wasted my time, it’s like I didn’t choose it.

On Monday, I felt terrible during Geography lesson cause I didn’t know that we had to present on the United Nations. So, I didn’t read the textbook AND search for extra information. My group went up and talked about the UN vaguely. :X It’s SERIOUSLY something I really dislike doing. Presenting unprepared. Reading from the textbook. Sigh. I’m very disappointed actually. I DIDN’T HEAR Mrs Singh say that we had to present it on Monday. ): Then she said that she expected the group doing the UN to search for some information. But in the end, we didn’t. And she said she told her 4N class that our class will do a better job than them and in the end, we didn’t. Sigh. When she said those stuff, I felt really down cause it sounds like I didn’t put in effort. BUT, if I knew that we had to present, definitely I’ll do the necessary research like I always do. In addition, I wasn’t wasting my weekend on playing. BOTH Saturday and Sunday, I’ve been mugging! I did the holiday assignments and stuff. 😐 I put in effort in whatever I do cause I really dislike submitting work without any effort.

Well. enough of these annoying stuff. 3 days of SPAs. Finally they’re over. I think I didn’t screw up. And I hope that’s true. I went to watch Water Horse yesterday with huiling and tuan anh. (: It was not bad. Hahaha. But the kids gave comments and crazy laughter. That affects the movie a bit. :X It’s a bit like Eragon + Free Willy.

Tomorrow, it’ll be a whole day doing the GMAC competition. Whole day on GENES is going to kill me. Although I like Biology and Medicine, genes isn’t a topic that interest me a lot. ><

I shall continue with my Geography homework now.

lots of love,


Yesterday was Parent-Teacher Meeting and we received our report book. My results for Term 1 isn’t too good. Here it goes:

  • English Language: B4 (63.2%)
  • Chinese: VR (VR)
  • Additional Mathematics: A1 (93.0%)
  • Mathematics: A1 (87.0%)
  • Biology: B3 (66.6%)
  • Chemistry: A1 (75.3%)
  • Physics: A2 (74.6%)
  • Combined Humanities (S, G): B3 (66.0%)

Hence, L1B5: 12 (I just realised it shouldn’t be 14! The school counted wrongly. :l) , L1R2B2: 9

I am very disappointed with my triple sciences and English. >< BIOLOGY. I MUST be good at it! This time, I screwed up all my tests. As for Physics, I can do better, but this time, that’s really better than I expected. For Chemistry, I know I can do better. This time, I was really careless. For English, I failed a paper or 2. I’ll keep working hard to get a distinction for English. I’m very happy with my A. Math and E. Math. ((: For Combined Humanities, Geography was not very well done. SS, is as usual. And, I think having a ‘VR’ for Chinese looks odd, but cool. hahah.

Huangcheng was GOOD!!! It was really nice and Jason Boey looked damn zai when he acted as the bad guy! hahaha. And also damn funny when he acted as the toy soldier. 😛 I like the last play the best! ((: But anyway, it was impressive! I’m glad that I watched it. hehe. I’ll watch huangcheng again next year!  Great job Jason! I want to see you as director next year! heheh.

lots of love,

Stepping down

Today, 5th March 2008, marks my last day in the Student Council. It’s pretty sad. The 3 years plus of contributions. I think I may be jealous when I see the Student Council being involved in events. 😛 hahah. But anyway, the stepping down may not be all that bad after all. It gives me more time to spend on my studies. 😀  I get so excited when it comes to mugging. HAHA. Especially A. Math. ((:

After the Adam Khoo workshop, I’ve been playing memory games with myself!! I can still remember what I memorised a week ago at the motivational camp. Here is goes: statue, encyclopedia, crown, hyperbola, janitor, umbrella, fluorine, oak tree, photosynthesis, banana, fan, hair, glucose, policeman, zoo, hand phone, Japan, management, lungs, Parameswara, bun, shoe, tree, door, hive, sticks, heaven, gate,wine, hen.  Hahah. Those are the 30 words. (: On Sunday, I was playing the memory game on Khairul’s DS Lite. I was given 2 minutes to remember. 😀  Here are the words: sock, moon, lust, evil, bunt, fork, hail, hope, lime, nose, news, logs, grow, wimp, sand, give, coin, cook, life, talk, dead, bees, hang, band, horn, legs, them, high, bomb, snap. 😀

Enough of memory games. heheh. The investiture today was QUITE fine, but wasn’t the best. I fumbled at certain parts of the speech, but thank goodness I didn’t lose confidence. (: We had our photo taking session some time towards the end of the investiture so that we, the sec 4s, can usher our guests to the library for reception while the 4th Student Council remain behind to have their photo taking session.

However, ALL of us were asked to stay behind! We, sec 4s, felt like terrible hosts. It’s like, hello? how can we leave the guests alone?? And worst, for such a long time. They were taking their own sweet time to get organised. >< They left us at the side first. The photo taking can wait for later. Since we invited people,our first priority is still them right?

Anyway, Hwa Chong did come in the end. (: Just that they were kind of late. But it’s never too late. (: Huiling and I accompanied them throughout the whole reception, chatting about all sorts of things. 😀 I think they were kind of surprised I know quite a lot of people from Hwa Chong. HAHA. Thanks to slc. (:

After we walked them to the bus stop, Huiling and I headed for Tampines. Well, I promised her that I’ll have the sushi buffet with her someday. So, I just happen to be free this afternoon. We ate A LOT. hahah. It was all worth it. 😀 But then, I still prefer Western cuisines to Japanese cuisines. 😛

It was a rather long day and I slept so soundly on the bus! When I reached home, I slept for another 45 minutes, nice and warm under my blanket. hehe. After that, I did started revision for A. Math, Sec 3 chapter 1. (: Had lots of fun playing with the questions. HAHA. But still, I’ve yet to plan out my daily study timetable all the way to mid-year. I aim to finish revising ALL CHAPTERS of ALL SUBJECTS by mid-year, at least once, but hopefully twice, or even thrice. (: JIAYOU!!

Think I’ll do English homework now. Eeks. My oral book is with Shi Min at the moment. So, I think I better type out everything and make sure it can fit into the exercise book. haha. I’ve been doing English picture discussion and conversation the past few days! To be frank, I’m kind of sick of it. Haha. But today’s homework for conversation is kind of interesting. xP I think I have quite a lot to write. 😀

Off to do my stuff!

lots of love,
huishan. (: