Yesterday was Parent-Teacher Meeting and we received our report book. My results for Term 1 isn’t too good. Here it goes:

  • English Language: B4 (63.2%)
  • Chinese: VR (VR)
  • Additional Mathematics: A1 (93.0%)
  • Mathematics: A1 (87.0%)
  • Biology: B3 (66.6%)
  • Chemistry: A1 (75.3%)
  • Physics: A2 (74.6%)
  • Combined Humanities (S, G): B3 (66.0%)

Hence, L1B5: 12 (I just realised it shouldn’t be 14! The school counted wrongly. :l) , L1R2B2: 9

I am very disappointed with my triple sciences and English. >< BIOLOGY. I MUST be good at it! This time, I screwed up all my tests. As for Physics, I can do better, but this time, that’s really better than I expected. For Chemistry, I know I can do better. This time, I was really careless. For English, I failed a paper or 2. I’ll keep working hard to get a distinction for English. I’m very happy with my A. Math and E. Math. ((: For Combined Humanities, Geography was not very well done. SS, is as usual. And, I think having a ‘VR’ for Chinese looks odd, but cool. hahah.

Huangcheng was GOOD!!! It was really nice and Jason Boey looked damn zai when he acted as the bad guy! hahaha. And also damn funny when he acted as the toy soldier. 😛 I like the last play the best! ((: But anyway, it was impressive! I’m glad that I watched it. hehe. I’ll watch huangcheng again next year!  Great job Jason! I want to see you as director next year! heheh.

lots of love,