Back row (left to right): Chad, Barry, Tuan Anh, Khairul, Shi Min
Middle row (left to right): Desmond Boey, Dominic Boey, me, Huiling, Dory
Front row (one and only): Jon


Dory and I (:


Lovely cut that I got on my palm when I was climbing. haha.


Me, Shimin and Khairul


Shimin, Khairul and Tuan Anh

You know, I’m just coming on to update my blog a bit cause I’m 16 now! haha. That’s not the main reason actually. πŸ˜‰ I’m actually here to thank people. haha. All the presents and wishes!! πŸ˜€

Before my birthday:

  1. JAKE! (lovely presents from Ukraine!)
  2. Jon
  3. Will (from Hawaii)
  4. Teacher (from the U.S.)
  5. Ya Ze
  6. Lois
  7. Garfield

After 00:00:

  1. Lois! (yes! You beat Jon!)
  2. Gena!! (Thank you so much!)
  3. Jake! (well, not too bad. πŸ˜› Ranked first on the ‘overseas friends’ list’. ;))
  4. Khairul
  5. NATALIA! (from Uruguay :)) (I’m sorry that you couldn’t reach me on the cell phone! :X)
  6. Alastair
  7. Amanda Ting
  8. Jon
  9. Dory
  10. Barry
  11. Jon (thank you so much for the notebook and card!!)
  12. Jon’s random friend (hahah.)
  13. Huiling
  14. Barry
  15. Dory (thanks for the Chocolate Digestives!!)
  16. Chad (thanks for the red packet! hahah. That was special. :P)
  17. Shi Min
  18. Khairul
  19. Wendy
  20. Desmond & Dominic Boey (thank you so much for the Kungfu Panda shirt and Card!! :D)
  21. Yi Qian (thanks for remembering it. πŸ˜› Didn’t expect it actually. heh)
  22. Nicholas
  23. Shi Min & Khairul (thanks for putting the present in my bag secretly! hahah. Lovely colour pens and I love those photos!!! Awesome motivation!! THANKS!!)
  24. Gena & Cristina (thank you so much for the T-shirt!! :D)
  25. Paws (from Canada) (thanks!! :D)
  26. Mr Nizam (thanks for the birthday cake on Facebook! haha)
  27. Will’s SKYPECAST!!! (thanks for the surprise birthday song when I just entered the room! hahah!)
  28. Jason Boey (thanks!)
  29. Audrey
  30. Eugenie (from Russia)
  31. Vincent (from Dallas)
  32. Tina (from Mississippi)
  33. Mi5underSto0D
  34. Audrey
  35. Fai Ming

I want to thank everyone for coming to join me at West Coast Park as I spend my 16th birthday. πŸ™‚ Although it rained, we had lots of fun, didn’t we? haha. Also, for those who couldn’t make it and stuff, thank you so much for the wishes, songs, and presents! It’s really sweet of you guys!! <3333

Also, I want to thank mom for cooking all those delicious food and dad for driving my friends and I around. πŸ˜›

Well, I had a good day today!! Once again, thanks everyone!! πŸ˜›