Time passes really fast and it’s the end of the June holidays! Awww… I won’t deny that I’m reluctant to return to school, unlike 2 years back when I just couldn’t wait for school to start. I guess when I return to school tomorrow, I’ll be expecting lots of drillings and practices that would probably drive me nuts. Preliminary examinations are nearing, so is the ‘O’ Levels. Apparently, I’m not prepared.

I planned to use the June holidays to revise ALL my subjects but I failed to do so. In fact, I failed to complete all my assignments as well. I’m prepared for the worst when I go back to school tomorrow. Nevertheless, I’ll get the homework done as soon as possible.

The June holidays flew pass and I did close to zero revision. Basically, I was trying my best to adjust my mind and body to a less stressful state first, so that I’ll be prepared for the longer and more taxing journey ahead of me. I can’t say that I’ve achieved that and am fully well, but I’m PROBABLY feeling better than before.

Actually, I feel extremely guilty. I felt like a slacker this holiday yet I can’t really do anything about it. I mean, I tried to sit down and do my work, but I just couldn’t concentrate on my work. Even A. Math that used to make me really excited, it didn’t make me excited at all. I had lots of problems trying to solve the math problems and that’s really demoralising.

Well, I guess tomorrow is the start of a new term, I got to forget about all the crap during the holidays and concentrate on my studies. I really have no idea how it’ll work out. I could see myself studying REALLY HARD from tomorrow onwards, but I could also see myself having troubles concentrating as well. I’ll just wish for the best to happen.

Today, I went back to Kallang for my FIRST dragon boat training after 6 to 7 months! The feeling was odd when I first entered the Kallang Water Sports Centre because as usual, I’m the earliest in my team. I saw Audrey, Yenting, and a group of Punggol Central CSC dragon boat team members;my ex-teammates. I walked towards Audrey to greet her (and from what I remembered, she was suppose to be in my current team) and the rest. Everyone was surprised to see me there cause I guess they are aware that I’ve stopped training 6 months ago to prepare for my ‘O’ Levels. Apart from that, they were curious which team I was rowing for, cause some things happened last year and we had to ‘choose’ who to follow. I chose to follow coach which also means that I’ll be leaving Punggol Central CSC to join the Yio Chu Kang CSC Dragon boat team.

Whem I saw Notti, I felt better cause before that, I was feeling really awkward with my ex-teammates. Notti told me that many things happened when I wasn’t going for trainings. Most of the older teammates have left the team, leaving just 4 of us, the ‘older’ teammates. There were so many new faces! And they were probably wondering who was this random girl who appeared from nowhere.

Training was really tiring today, considering that I haven’t been training for 6 to 7 months! I was afraid that I couldn’t row at all! But fortunately, I managed to keep up and endure all the way. ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually, the feeling was good to be back rowing again! But anyway, I’ll only be rowing for next week’s race and I’ll stop rowing for another 5 months.

The race next week is the SIngapore Dragon Boat Festival. It’ll be at Bedok Reservoir on 29 June 2008. The race is like… EIGHT-HUNDRED METRES! Zomg. I just hope I can endure that long. It’s going to be tough but oh wells, I’ll just give it a shot. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tonight, being the last night of the June holidays, I hope that it’ll be enjoyable and fun. But at the moment, I ain’t having any fun. :X I hope I will soon.

All the best to everyone and see you guys back in school tomorrow!

lots of love,