I think I just feel like posting this. I wanted to update only after the first week of school has ended. But some things just happened these few days. People seem to misunderstand me and misread my facial expressions these days.

Being pretty exhausted and still trying really hard, I may look a bit weird. Like… I just want to get my work done and get my rest. My ‘serious’ look or look with ‘no facial expressions’ seem to make people think that I’m upset or unhappy.

Online, the only thing I could use to express myself is words. Somehow, my words are often misunderstood too. I’m just curious, which part is it so hard to understand? Some things may be hard to express, especially when you want to tell the other person something that isn’t very pleasant (but it’s a fact), yet you just don’t wish to hurt that person. I did my best to express it in the most harmless way. Instead, I was being mistaken TOTALLY, and in a way that I NEVER thought it would. It turned out to be extremely negative. Oh gosh.

Argh. Sometimes I just wonder if I should just stop talking and all that. Be alone, and no one will give a damn.

I’ll update my blog again tomorrow.