The weekend past by so fast and tomorrow, it’s back to school again. I know I’ve been whining about going to school and all that, but I just can’t help it.

I’m tired of going to school and I don’t like it. School is getting stressful for me and I think that shouldn’t be the case. I agree that now, we should be given a lot of work, a lot of revision and there’s no time to waste. I’m not complaining about the teachers, lessons or homework. I know they’re there for a good reason and I appreciate that.

The problem is me. I have a problem staying awake during Physics lessons and maybe Biology too. I won’t blame Mr Tong for Physics cause the subject itself is not my interest. It’s difficult to catch my attention. Even though I was dozing off in class, I really did my best not to do it. So far, I managed to stop myself. It is extremely difficult to keep yourself awake when your mind and body is shutting down. Like what Miss Krishnan mentioned, terrorists torture their hostages by not allowing them to sleep. Indeed, it was a torture trying not to sleep.

Another problem with me is I have a lot of mood swings. Too much that I think people are freaked out by me. I’m not too sure about what they feel about it, but sometimes I can sense that they can’t tolerate me being like this. Sometimes, I just don’t want to talk to anyone, other than my closest online friends. Sometimes, I just wish everyone would leave me alone. While other times, I wish people are there, but I’m usually left alone.

Nowadays, I’ve been sneezing so much. >< I wake up at night and sneeze for such a long time, affecting my rest. In the day, I kept reaching for tissue papers. My throat is still unwell. Really, should I visit a doctor? I can’t seem to answer that question everytime. “It depends,” And usually, no matter the answer is a “yes” or “no”, I will end up not visiting the doctor. Oh wells.

Off to bed now. Just wish I can stop sneezing… :l