Homework are usually given with a deadline and apparently, we’re expected to complete them by the given date. That, I have not much problems unless there are too many homework that I can’t finish them on time.

However, recently, homework for every subject starts to increase and the total number of homework also increases. That isn’t the worst thing. The worst is, we are not even sure by when do we have to complete them. Of course, some homework comes with deadline. So, we’ll definitely do these homework since we know when we are expected to submit it or go through it.

Today, I realised I have a huge problem with homework and deadlines. During Chemistry lesson, we were going through the NYGH’07 paper. But, none of us in Einsteinium (our group name) has done a single question. Were we informed that we will be going through this paper on Monday (today)? If we were, then it’s our fault. But if we weren’t, I don’t know what to say. We just delegated the job, like, each of us do 8 questions. I didn’t even have the mood to do it because what’s the point of doing it when you are rushing through it and not concentrating on the thought process?

After Chemistry lesson, we were given the NYGH’06 paper. Once again, the deadline wasn’t stated. I started doing this paper during my free period. As I did it, I made side notes and jot down my thought process, as usual. This is pretty time consuming, but I think it’s extremely helpful as I get to revise a few things for each question. In 50 minutes, I only managed to complete 13 multiple-choice questions. :X I enjoy putting in a lot of effort when I do something. I rather not do it if I have to rush through it or do a sloppy job.

Another example is the Social Studies Structured-Essay Questions (SEQs). Last week, I recall Miss Lo mentioning that the remaining two questions, we can take our time to finish them. She said she just wants the SEQ about traffic flow (which I’ve already submitted). But then, today, I was told by one of my classmates that we are supposed to submit the two other SEQs by tomorrow. I was so surprised. I wanted to do it yesterday but decided to do some SS notes since I thought we could take our time to complete the SEQs. Now, I’m still pretty uncertain about it. The questions are also very tough. >< I’ve been waiting for Miss Lo’s reply since the afternoon, but I have yet to receive any replies. I understand that cause she has a staff meeting today. I really hope I can receive a reply from her to clear my doubts.

After school, I went to Dory’s house to study (or rather, do homework). Shi Min and I wanted to start on the SEQs first but realised that we could hardly answer it. Considering the fact that we were still uncertain about the deadline, we decided to do our NYGH papers first. I only left her house at 18:30 which was quite late to me.

Miss Krishnan said that tomorrow, we’ll be getting homework from her. Hmm… I’m pretty scared of homework now. It really affects my whole study plan. I haven’t been keeping to my study plan for the past week! That’s way too terrible. I really doubt I can stick to my study plan this week too. There are so many homework coming in that I totally lost track of what homework we have and the deadline for each of them. Apart from homework, mock exams and tests are also coming. This Saturday, we have to go to school for Chemistry mock exam. That means, I have to study all 25 chapters within this week. How scary is that? ><

As I did the Chemistry work today, I realised that I’ve forgotten many things. It’s either I was too tired or I was having a mind block. I don’t think it’s possible to forget those things. I’ll study Chemistry the whole day tomorrow (if there are no homework due on Wednesday)! Furthermore, I’m dismiss from school at 12:00 tomorrow. PERFECT! πŸ˜›

That’s about it for today. (: I just want to let all my friends, especially my besties, know that I love you guys!! πŸ˜€