Just when I mentioned yesterday about how I rather not do something when I have to rush through it, we were given a class assignment that has to do with speed. We were given AHS’07 English Paper 2 (Comprehension) in class and were asked to decode the passage. First thing we had to do was skim through the passage, timing how long we took to finish it. This was a group work and I was the time keeper. As a (very) slow reader, it was a crazy thing for me! I had to keep up with my group, or rather, not slow them down. So, I just read a sentence or two quickly for each paragraph. Needless to say, I wasn’t even absorbing anything. I was kind of just recognising the words and acknowledging their presence in the passage. :l The feeling totally sucked cause I felt so useless. All of them finished reading and I was still slow. So, I just gave time the time taken (6 mins), and we moved on to the next part – analysing.

With me ‘reading’ at the speed and not absorbing anything, it was almost impossible for me to analyse anything. Lois was doing really well. In fact, she was the first to finish reading the passage and started analysing before we did. She started sharing her views with us. Dalilah added on some points. And Gena was analysing the passage. For myself, I was trying very hard to do it but I failed to do anything. I couldn’t not decide what to do – to listen to them discuss and take note of them in the passage, analyse everything by myself, or to do both. Since I was confused, I just did both. It was a huge mess and I got upset with myself. I wasn’t happy with my performance in this task. I was inefficient, ineffective and helpless. That is the result when I’m made to speed read (which apparently I can’t do) and analyse it without knowing what everyone else in the group was talking about.

More homework again, but I’m glad to say that I’ve more or less finished the 2 NYGH papers for Chemistry! Now, I’ll move on to the 2 SS SEQs! The questions are so tough! Anyway, I’ll still have to do it. Today we have one new E. Math paper from YTSS since Mr Ho wasn’t able to go to our class for lessons.

I was thinking about this when I was on the bus: Why are we made to complete one whole pile of homework in such a short time, but in the end, we didn’t have to submit then or go through them? It happened so many times. I flipped through my file and saw many assignments that are done but never brought up by the teacher after that. The worst thing is, some of these assignments were given during the period of time when we had a lot of homework. So, they were done during my sleeping time. Imagine, sacrificing your sleep to complete these assignments yet they are ‘not actually due the next day’, or even after weeks. Then what for sacrifice my sleeping time for these assignments?

I guess recently, I just have a huge problem with rushing homework. :X