I’m really losing interest in studying. >< That shouldn’t be the case, especially at this point of time. Prelims is in 3 weeks. Os is in 3 months. Don’t study = goodbye to everything.

I don’t know, I’m so freaking sick of doing humanities. They just bore me out and my mind totally switch off. I totally have no interest in them and I can’t believe it’s the same for Geography too. I guess that’s probably because of HUMAN GEOGRAPHY (specifically development and geography of food). Recently, we’ve been doing so much about human geography that I’m so sick of it. I’ve got 2 SEQs to do on Geography of Food. Argh. I can’t stand doing them anymore. I barely know anything about Geography of Food. Sigh. I just don’t wish to do it, though I’m still trying my best to do it. The efficiency isn’t there. I’m doing it sooooo slowly. ):

How can humanities be affecting my interesting in studying? It’s ridiculous. I can’t believe that I’m made to study 2 subjects that I dislike, at the cost of my studying interest. Oh wells. I freaking need to take a break from humanities and concentrate on BIOLOGY!! I’ve been neglecting Biology! Thursday is Biology mock exam and I haven’t study for it! I intended to do it today! Argh. I have a whole pile of diagrams to label and write down the functions. Deadline is Thursday too. Now, I’m left with tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll be kind of busy cause I need to attend a wake. (I’m really sorry to hear that, Danny. ): I’ll tell you more in the card.)

I’ll just wish myself good luck. I don’t wish to continue any further.