I went to the polyclinic to get my throat checked since my throat has been feeling kind of uncomfortable since last year. I didn’t tell Mom cause I knew what I would be expecting from her — hurtful words. Dalilah was really nice to accompany me to the polyclinic. It was a really long wait and finally, it was my turn to consult the doctor.

The doctor I was consulting was kind of weird and I didn’t quite like her actually, I entered the consultation room and she didn’t even look at me. She just ask in a way that I didn’t like, ‘Tell me what’s wrong.’ I just said and she seemed irritated and not interested at all. I was thinking, why is that I always have bad experiences with polyclinic doctors? They just seem to be so mean and rude. :X I didn’t like it at all.

She said that it’s probably anxiety disorder (again), and prescribed some clonazepams (benzodiazepines) for me to relieve the anxiety, Sigh. Then she asked me to go for a blood test to ensure that whatever that I experience is not hyperthyroidism. So, I went to the lab and had my blood test. They used a Vacutainer tube and not a syringe, thank goodness. I think I prefer the Vacutainer tube. I watched as my blood flow into the tube. It looked so watery. haha. Now, my right arm feels numb and I can’t write properly. Needless to say, I can’t carry heavy things. >< So, next week, I need to return to the polyclinic to collect my test results.

I felt so sad today too. Danny returned to school today and I saw him as he walked towards Miss Lim. From his face, I saw sorrow. I felt my heart cry as I saw that. I felt extremely for him that he lost his father at such a young age. It’s just so difficult to accept. Thinking about it just makes me want to cry and tears just fill my eyes. As his classmate and friend, I’m really really concerned about him. I am really looking out for him the whole day, to ensure that he’s not alone, going through this tough period alone. I just wish there’s something I can do to help him…

Tomorrow is the interview for my DPA! I’m going to go there and give me best shot. I only have this one chance, and I got to make sure that for this one chance, I do my best. I want to walk out of the interviewing room, telling myself that I did my best and I am going to be selected for the course. All the way!