5 hours, not enough?

Yesterday, as mentioned, I found a study mentor, Germaine, and we planned a study plan for me. 5 hours of studying on Saturday, 4 hours on other days. Germaine managed to convince me that that was enough. Today, asked others for their opinions, Dory said that it should be double! Woah. 10 hours?? :O Then others said that it’s “Study SMART, not study HARD.” I knew that long ago. I’m just worried that 5 hours is too little. I tried to ask Mrs Lim to give me advice on that and she said that she can’t as it depends on different individuals. Well, so, is that enough?

Best Class Award

Guess what? My class, 4E1, won the Best Class Award! Cheers! 200 bucks for the class. We’ll probably use the money to have a good celebration after Os!


Over the past two days and today, I’ve received my preliminary examination results for English Paper 2, A. Math, Chemistry and Physics. Good and bad.
English Paper 2. There was improvement actually. A huge improvement for the part on summary. I scored 22/25 for summary and 13/25 for comprehension. So, out of 50, I scored 35, which is 70%. A2.
A. Math. I’m actually rather satisfied with my A. Math but it could’ve been much better without those annoying careless mistakes. I scored 76/80 for Paper 1 and 91/100 for Paper 2. Overall, 44% and 56% respectively, I scored 92.8%. A1.
Chemistry. It was terrible. Lots of careless mistakes and it could’ve been way better! I scored only 31/40 for Paper 1 and 55/80 for Paper 2. Overall, I scored only 71.7%, A2.
Physics. Totally atrocious, but I kind of expected myself to fail. I didn’t. I scored 28/40 for Paper 1 and 44/80 for Paper 2. Overall, I scored 60%. B4.
Anyway, I have more papers to receive next week. I hope I’ll be mentally and physically strong enough to take it.

After school today…

I was extremely tired and exhausted. I felt like my brain was asleep and dead. I had no one to have lunch with and no one to study with. What a disappointment. So, after chatting with Gena for awhile at the LRT platform, I’ve decided that I’ll study at the McDonalds (newly-renovated) opposite my house. I was glad that it wasn’t packed and I had a good seat. I looked through my Chemistry paper, checked the errors and did corrections. I finished everything. I started packing up…

I wrote a love letter. The first one I’ve ever written, but not for someone I know and like.

I started packing up then a woman who just took the seat next to me said, “Excuse me, can you help me write a letter? I don’t know how to write.” She said that in Mandarin. So, I said, “sure, no problem.” After one moment, I was like, oh shit, I can’t remember how to write Chinese words very well! >< I told her that and she said that I’ll write in English. She wanted me to write in BIG handwritings cause the recipient has some problems with his eyesight. It took me awhile to practise writing BIG words. Then she started. She continued speaking in Mandarin. That’s when I figured out that I was going to translate everything she said in Mandarin, into English! Hahah. The recipient is actually an Indian guy from India who is in the Singapore prison at the moment. Basically the letter included things like, “I miss you very much!”, “I am very worried about you.”, “I am worried that when you return to India next year and meet up with your family, you will forget me since you don’t need me anymore.”, “I will love you forever no matter what happens.” and “I will wait for you forever.” hehehe. Of course it included other things as well. As she told me what to write, she told me more about that guy and her too. :X She’s about at least about 35++ years’ old actually. :X Finally, she wanted me to draw something cute in the letter. I didn’t know what to draw. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Haha. At last, the letter was done! *phew* She asked me to write the address and stuff.

Then complaining that she hasn’t receive a letter from him this month and said that he say he will write to her once a month. She showed me the letter that stated that and confirmed with me if that was true. The letter stated, “I can only write a letter a month to you.” Well, I told her that that means that he can only write her a letter once a month and not twice and stuff. But it does not necessarily mean that he will write to you. She still kept trying to convince herself that the guy will write to her every month and he didn’t. Oh wells.

Done with the letter. What now? Text messages??

When I was packing up the rest of my stuff and wanted to tell her that I’m leaving, she asked me to help her send a text message to a girl from the Philippines who is that guy’s ex-girlfriend. So, I helped her type the message which mentioned about that guy saying that the relationship between them have ended and he just misses his daughter. Etc. Once I’m done with that 4-page text message, she looked at it and wanted me to help her send a message to an Indonesian girl. She said she wants to find out what’s that girl’s relationship with another guy. Gosh. She made me scold the girl in the message! >< She made me scold that girl ‘bitch’. ): Anyway, the last few sentences for the message gave me a shock! She wanted me to write to her to warn her not to harass that other guy because she is his WIFE, if not she’ll be sorry for it. :O She is his wife? She loves that other Indian guy in the prison? Gosh. This is so messed up. :X Oh wells, My ‘job’ was just to send the messages. Once I was done with that, I told her I need to go and she let me go. haha.

Last surprise, I think

When I reached home, I saw a letter on the coffee table. Hmmm, an envelope with MANY STAMPS. Pretty attractive too. hahaha. I was hoping that it’s for me. xP And true enough, it was for me! It was a surprise letter from Jake! Woah. It was very very surprising. hahahaha. It has a card for the Independence Day of Ukraine. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s very cool. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much, Jake!

Well, I guess I’ll just stop here. What a long entry today. ๐Ÿ˜ก