Dragon boat training today was like totally weird! I was at Kallang Water Sports Centre at 15:45 as the usual training starts at 16:00. I only managed to reach coach’s phone at 15:55. Then he told me to wait for another 30 minutes to an hour. :O So, I waited.

I was alone there, feeling pretty bored and out of place. I didn’t know who were my team mates. My ex-team mates were there. And they were talking to me and asking me to reconsider returning to their team. :X I’ve made the decision to follow coach, so, I won’t even have to consider going back to my old team. :X It was really awkward with all the ex-teammates surrounding me. ><

At 16:45, coach and all the teammates arrived together. At that particular moment, I realised 2 things — I’m the only female, and I’m the only Chinese among all the Malays. Wow. One of them actually spoke to me in Malay. Then I guess I had a blank look on my face. So, he asked me if I’m Malay and I told him that I’m actually Chinese. hahaha. Oh great, I actually looked Malay. :X heheh.

So, the race is next week. I’m quite sure that we aren’t going to win. >< But still, we’re going to do our best! That’s what matters the most! (:

All right, now, I just need a job really really soon!! I planned to search for a job tomorrow. I called up some friends and they all can’t make it. =/ Actually it isn’t that fun after O’s. I mean I thought all of us (good friends) can celebrate together for a few days. However, it seriously kind of suck. Everyone is busy with their own little things. *sigh* I mean it’s really sad. I dislike it a lot. And I still don’t have a job. That’s one of the worst thing ever. I really really need a job soon!! )):

I hope tomorrow will be a good day. I really hope. At the moment, it doesn’t seem like it.