Yesterday I went job hunting with Huiling and Barry. We were looking around at Suntec City for jobs and Barry and I filled up the job application form at Harris to work at the cashier. They said that they will call us in for interview.

Earlier yesterday morning, I was reading through the newspaper (Recruit section) for jobs. I saw this one that said, “Earn up to S$500 (US$354) weekly! 100 youths needed for immediate project. Call _______.” So, I called in and they asked me to attend an interview that afternoon. They told me the job scope which was to plan for the charity organisations and create awareness. So, I thought that’s pretty interesting. Last night, they called me and told me to go for job training today!

So, later, I’ll be heading to that place with Barry, who got the job as well, to start our training. I hope it’ll go well. 🙂