This is from Gena’s blog:
Try to use the first alphabet of your name to answer all the questions:
But your answers must be near real.

my name is: Jaslyn
four letter word: Jump
boy’s name: Jake
girl’s name: Jolyn
occupation: Janitor
colour: Jade (there’s only 1 colour that starts with ‘J’!)
something you wear: Jeans
beverage: Juice
food: Jelly
place: Jubilee Court
something found in your bedroom: Jeans trousers
reason for being late: Jam! (Traffic jam)
something to shout: Jump! You jump, I jump!
font:ย Jokerman
tv show: Jericho
song title: Jullov by Lars Vegas Trio (it’s a Swedish song! hahaha)
book title: Justice League?
country: Jamaica!
name 10 ppl to pass this on: Jake, Jolyn, Janice, Jaime, Jerry, Jonathan, James, Jon, Jasmine, Jade

My answer is very accurate indeed.. ๐Ÿ™‚