Last night, I went for the countdown at Marina Bay with Shi Min and Anik. The fireworks was totally beautiful as we had a really good view from the pavement at the highway. Even though Dad went there to fetch Shi Min and I,  I only reached home at 01:50. So, I only went to bed at 02:10.

This morning, I woke up at 06:00 for work at the zoo. I was at the zoo pretty early. I managed to sleep on the bus too. So, I felt totally fine.

I was doing the Members’ lane today and there were a lot of members. So, I was pretty busy. Fortunately, Anizah was there to help me. The machine pretty sucked. I mean, there were so many problems with the cards. Things like the card is expired when it’s not, the card is invalid, the membership is still pending, etc. And of course, there are irritating customers too.

However, at around 09:00, I started feeling some mild abdominal pains. I was thinking, oh no, I think I can only work half-day today. I told the Entrance In-Charge (EIC) for today and asked if I can knock off early. She said I can’t. Well, can’t blame her. :X There was such a big crowd today yet there weren’t many people working.

Unfortunately, at about 10:00, the abdominal cramps worsen and standing there became quite a problem. The next thing I experienced was nausea. I felt kind of nauseated and thought it was nothing much. Who knows, at 11:00, I really felt I couldn’t hang on any further. I let the EIC and Mr Sam know about it. I mean I didn’t look like I couldn’t hang on any further. They thought it was just because I got too tired due to the long queue at the members’ lane.

Minutes later, I could no longer smile properly anymore. I mean, I got to smile at the guests all the time especially when addressing them. So, I felt like I was using way too much effort to smile and that shouldn’t be the case. And I felt kind of dizzy. In addition, I was sweating and yawning a lot. Then I convinced the EIC that I needed to knock off as I couldn’t sustain anymore. She asked me to call a number to reach Geraldine to inform her about leaving early. When the EIC was telling me the number, I couldn’t concentrate (due to the intense pain) and made her repeat it like 5 times. >< Then after Geraldine spoke to me, she wanted to speak to the EIC. So, I had to take over the members lane again for the time being.

Well, it totally sucked. I had to key in a total of 3 memberships and that was bad enough. I looked at the membership numbers and they were blurred. I looked back at the guests and their faces looked totally blur to me. Gosh. I thought I was going to faint. ><

Yeah, so I sat at a bench nearby (it was hell trying to walk there man. :/). Hmmm… to get an idea how intense the pain was… it was bad enough to make me cry. Yeah. Those who know me will probably understand that. haha.

Mr Sam was really nice to bring me some warm water. I was like shaking when I stood up. :X The staff at the visitor information were really great too. They asked me if I want to go to the first aid room to rest. I sat at the bench until I felt like I could walk all the way to the first aid room.

So, at the first aid room, I was left there alone to rest. I fell asleep after 35 minutes and slept for 30 minutes. I woke up feeling better. Then I went home by bus.

So, this isn’t really a pleasant way to start the first day of a new year, eh? But still, got to thank those people who were really helpful when I was feeling like crap. These people are: Anik (thanks for offering to go to the zoo to send me home), Mr Sam, You Tian (well, I don’t really know you, but thanks for walking me to the first aid room), Anizah, Michelle, Shah-Shah (the EIC), etc. (:

And, for those who are reading this too, I wish you a very Happy New Year! And thank you to all that have sent me their wishes through smses. I’m really sorry that I have totally no idea who sent the messages to me because my Nokia phone is spoiled and all your numbers are stored in the phone. So, I’m using a spare phone at the moment. So, I have no numbers to send you guys messages and also to know who sent me messages. ><

Anyway, sorry for giving such a long story about today. I am still flabbergasted that 2009 started off this way. :X