Hello! 😀

I’m back from the chalet. 😀 I’m just so glad that I managed to play some sports and exercise a little during this short break from work and school. 🙂 On the 2nd day, I swam with Shi Min in the morning, went cycling with a group of people in the afternoon, and went for a nice walk in the evening at the beach with Lois. 😀 The class chalet was pretty fine but more people should go, including teachers. Oh wells. If only there were more people there. The 2nd night was quite boring as it turns out that there were only 5 of us staying overnight. hahah.

Anyway, I just received a letter from Poland!! 😀 Thanks a lot, Tomasz! (((: It was pretty surprising. 😛 And, I totally love it. 🙂

I’m going to work for 3 consecutive days starting from tomorrow! :O And, I have to rush to Serangoon Country Club on January 9 after work for the Farewell/Welcome of the Principals. We (the Pei Hwa Alumni exco) have to come up with a performance for them. Hmm… today is 7 January… the event is on 9 January. We have 2 days (or rather 1 day as there is a meeting to discuss it today) to decide on the performance and rehearse. Woah. Good luck to us. :X Furthermore, I’m working tomorrow too. I wonder what’s going to happen… ><

I heard that the release of the O’s results will be on January 12. Thank goodness I blocked my schedule for that day. 🙂 But I still wish it’s on the 9th! :X Worried and excited. What a stupid feeling. hehe.

I guess I’m going to sleep now. (: Only slept for an hour on the first night. :X

lots of love,
Jaslyn (: