Woohoo!! The GCE ‘O’ Level 2008 results are out today!! After all that waiting, it’s finally here. 😀

I went to school not knowing  what to expect. I spent my time yesterday trying to predict what I’ll achieve. So, my initial prediction after doing the exam papers, my best L1R5 and L1R4 is 9 and 6 respectively. And, my worst for L1R5 and L1R4 is 15 and 11 respectively. However, there was still a possibility that I screw it up as there’s such a thing called moderation.

Shi Min called me at lunchtime, telling me that Miss Lo wants to meet both of us at 13:40 at the general office. When we met her with Alastair, she told us that we’ve been selected to be interviewed by the PH Times students and maybe the press too as we did RELATIVELY well. At that moment, I was glad to hear that I didn’t screw up. But still, ‘relatively well’ didn’t sound very good. :X

Later on, when we joined the rest in the hall, the percentage distinction and pass for each subject was revealled. Next, the students that scored 8 distinctions were shown on the screen — Desmond Khoo and Koh Shi Min. Cheers man!! And then, the page changed. 7 Distinctions. Zomg. Ng Hui Shan. Like, omg! Haha. I was the only 7 distinctions holder. hahaha. But I was totally shocked. The most distinctions that I’ve ever achieved was 5.

Next, the top 6 students of the school were asked to receive their certificates from the Principal. 6th was Lois Poh!!! Cheers! 😀  5th was Desmond Khoo! (((: 4th was Christopher Phua!! He’s really awesome! Totally great improvement! 3rd was Seah Jundi! 🙂 2nd was me and I didn’t even expect that. :X 1st is of course, Koh Shi Min!!! Brilliant!! Well, the school did great actually. There was a huge improvement. 🙂

So, here’s my results:
English – A1
Chinese – A1
Combined Humanities – A2
Mathematics – A1
Additional Mathematics – A1
Biology – A1
Chemistry – A2
Physics – B3

L1R5 – 7
L1R4 – 5

So, I’m very satisfied with my results. 🙂 Unexpected, but great. hahah. Now, I’m just looking forward to the start of school at Singapore Polytechnic!! (:

Tomorrow I’m going to work as an operator at the zoo for the first time. I hope it’ll be good. 😉 hahaha.