I wasn’t in the best of moods today due to several reasons. I was all excited for work today as I was scheduled to do SBE (rental of wagons, strollers and lockers) for the first time and I heard it was fun. However, during the morning briefing, before I could even learn just 1 thing about SBE, Vijay (AIC) announced that whoever that’s doing SBE today will be doing alone (and that’s me) as Lela is on MC. Then I told them that it’s my first time doing SBE. Damn. Shouldn’t have been so honest at that time. At that very point, they asked Liyana to replace me and I had to do entrance. Like, ZOMG. Come on man, they can just teach me within 5 minutes can. They insisted that they can’t train me today. Oh my gosh.

Later on, I was told that I can go over to SBE after lunch to be trained. I was really glad to hear that. Unfortunately, when I JUST came back from lunch, I was told that I am NOT going to be trained for SBE today. Like, what are they doing? Pushing me around? Not only that, at the entrance, I didn’t even get a chance to do members the whole day. At that point, I felt like I’m given the worst job all the time. :/

There was something else that made all these worse — abdominal pains & discomfort. Out of all days to experience this. When I even bother to mention that I’m experiencing this that means it’s not some mild pains that will go in an hour or two. Before lunch, I was already experiencing them. The pain didn’t ease after lunch and stuff (too lazy to really elaborate).

Anyway, Benji and Caspar were really nice and kind of helped me to request for a break so that I can sit down for awhile to reduce the pain. Then Cui Xia walked over and asked me to take a seat while she take over me for awhile. I felt bad for doing that but I know I’ll feel better that way. So, I went to sit and I felt really awkward and terrible about it. Then Marilyn Choo asked me to go home if I’m really not feeling well. I told her that some rest will be fine (considering that there’s only 1.5 hours to go and I need to get an MC for going home early). However, she went on to make me feel even more guilty by telling me that the rest are also tired and yet I am sitting there to rest. I was like, fine, I’ll just go back. No point sitting there and listening to all these when I already know it myself. In addition, I dislike the fact that she makes it sound like I’m faking it. Well, people who know me well won’t think that way. But oh well, how many people are there who know me well?

After all these that happened, there were a lot of negativity in my mind and all that. *sigh* You can say that I’m sensitive or what, but that’s only because I’ve heard all those stuff MANY times. So, when it’s mentioned, it’s like everything comes right back at me. >< I’ve been trying my best to get rid of this but so far the only thing that I can find to cheer me up a little is reassurance. And sorry if I ask silly questions at this sort of times.

I can laugh a lot even when I’m really upset. That’s what happened today.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day of work and I’m scheduled to work at SBE again. I hope the same thing won’t happen again tomorrow if not I’ll be very upset. Tomorrow better be good. And it’s so sad that Joyce’s leaving Singapore tomorrow! Then I have one less girl friend to hang out with. :X

All right, I hope I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and feel refreshed and ready for the day. All the best to myself.