The last day of work!! Woohoo!

Anyway, I was supposed to do SBE!! But AGAIN, I was being put at the entrance. What a nice way to spend my last day of work at the zoo. Reason was because it’s my last day, it’s pointless to learn about SBE AND, there are people who took MC, leaving only 2 people at the entrance. So, final decision was, I had to do entrance.

I was really upset with that decision. Was in a bad mood for the first to second hour, then I was better. Lunch was with Caspar at 11:30, the time that I hate to have lunch at. At least I had somebody to eat with. However, I didn’t have the mood to sit at the Ulu Ulu Restaurant with the others because I didn’t feel like talking and have no mood to listen. So, Caspar and I had our lunch at the loft. I listened to piano music on my mp3 and enjoyed the silence at the loft. Great.

After lunch, I became kind of weird. I did the members lane for an hour while Benji was away from lunch. Then after 15 minutes Benji returned from lunch, I requested to do exit. And just like that, I did exit for 2.5 – 3 hours continuously. Haha! Something was wrong with me I guess. I didn’t feel like talking and wanted to stone. That’s why I guess.

After work was awesome!! Had my last Ben & Jerry’s mix ‘n’ match with Caspar and Benji. Sadly Joyce wasn’t there to join us! It was Caspar’s treat. Thanks Caspar! Here’s a photo with Caspar (left) and Benji (right):


Caspar and I headed to Thomson Road to have our dinner. Sadly Benji couldn’t join us as he had to attend a family dinner. Dinner was Caspar’s treat too. THANKS AGAIN CASPAR!! 🙂 After dinner, we headed to Caspar’s church as he had to speak to someone. And after that, we made our way to Changi Airport to send Joyce off for her 6 months student exchange at Italy.

Damn sad can. My best girl friend from work flew to Italy for 6 months. Will only see her again on 1 August. >< Then I won’t get to see Caspar and Benji that often anymore. Oh wells. We’ll meet again soon, I hope. 😀