Together with my group (B) and group A,  I completed the Forest Adventure course! It was located at Bedok Reservoir and the Forest Adventure course is actually some high ropes activity that you have to complete on your own. 😀 No belayers, no supporters. It’s really cool. It’s like you connect the stuff to the ropes by yourself. Just ensure that you’re attached to something at all times. 🙂 There were a total of 4 ziplines. So, we get to do flying fox a total of 4 times! In addition, there wasn’t any instructors at the flying fox station itself. Just attach everything properly and we’re ready to go. (: I was the second person to attempt this whole rope course. 🙂 Feels great to be in front!

After the rope course was dragon boating. (: It got really wet! We had some mini race and my team did great! 

Tomorrow, we’re going to the recycling plant and we’ll have our camp briefing too. A few of us decided that we’ll wear a green shirt tomorrow. hahaha. I might want to stay back with Shi Min to check out the library for books after school tomorrow. Anyway, hope it’ll be another fun day!