Touched by Angelic Teachers

Being a Secondary 3 student, there is no doubt that stress will find you. With the number of subjects that you are taking, the amount of homework you are given, as well as the commitment levels for CCA, Official Opening Ceremony, Student Council and dragon boat trainings, you will get totally worn out easily.

Among all these lethargy and stress, I see angels. They provide a helping hand to help me, lend a listening ear to listen to me, and more importantly, they took off time for all that despite their busy schedules. I am really grateful to them.

These angelic teachers are none other than Miss Lo Yen Nie and Miss Sophia Tan.

Miss Lo Yen Nie is one of the teachers-in-charge for the musical in the Official Opening Ceremony. She understands the amount of time the rehearsals occupies. Seeing her for rehearsals 3 days a week made the stressfulness in me visible to her clearly. Other than that, she teaches me Social Studies and I must say that her lessons are interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. Seeing her so many times weekly, Miss Lo will ask about how I am from time to time. In addition, she tries her best to make me feel better or guide me in time management and anything that troubles me. Other than me, she helps my friends and classmates too. It is wonderful to know that someone is there to care for you.

Miss Sophia Tan is another brilliant teacher. Although Miss Tan does not teach me any subject, she still asks about me every now and then when she sees me. Sometimes, I see her during recess. She would just chat with me about anything as we queue up to buy our food. That is really a break for me. It allows me to voice out to her anything that I felt like saying. She provides me with helpful advice. I enjoy chatting with her.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Lo and Miss Tan for showing me their care and concerns.