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Pei Hwa’s Official Opening Ceremony

Hey all! YOU KNOW WHAT? IT’S OVER! Now, I’ll briefly talk about today.

In the morning, I headed to Plaza Singapura REDS salon to do up my hair and make-up. This goes the same for Wendy, Hazimah and Miss Lo herself. Miss Lo made an appointment for us, being the first customers. We were asked if we wanted water, tea or coffee. I said it’s okay and the lady brought my water and biscuits. Really nice. Then she asked me with I washed my hair this morning. I didn’t but I did last night. Hence, she washed my hair for me. It was really relaxing. I lay there and she used cold water to rinse my hair and shampoo it. Then used warm water to rinse it off. After that, she dried my hair which took really long as she did it layers by layers.Next, my hair was made into a French bun or something like that. Thought it was rather cool. It was rather difficult to do it. Moreover, she was using ONLY pins, no rubberbands, no gel or wax. After she’s done with it, it was finished by hairspray to keep it there for the whole day. Lastly, the make-up. It was a lot of layers, compared to how normal people put on make-ups. But anyway, having the role as the minister means that my make-up does not have to be wild and all.

We were there from 10:30 to 14:00. Miss Lo bought a pair of pink pearl earrings for me to fit my outfit. She said it was for me. Aww… So sweet.Miss Lo also bought some breads for us to eat and paid for the cab. We headed back to school and did our sound check. The headsets didn’t seem to be working very well for Ben and Hazimah. Oh wells. After sound check, we went to the AVA theatrette to leave our thigns there, get changed and rest there while we wait for the time to come. I was kind of upset there cause I felt lonely and helpless. I tried helping people to put on make-up but Wendy insisted that she do it. So, fine, I’ll listen to my music. Then when I helped the guys, she cleaned them off and redo them again. >< Like, I’m so useless. I want to do, you don’t allow. I did it on someone else, you rub it off and do it yourself. Man. So, I was upset and almost cried but didin’t. I went on with my music and smsed Charlton Lim [from Catholic High]. Not long later, we were requested to make our way to the hall to prepare. I couldn’t bring my phone along but I really felt like I need to talk to someone. So, no choice, I walked there and all. The councillors cheered me on and I saw Mr Tan Y.K..

Anyway, we waited and the whole thing started. I was overjoyed that I didn’t screw up cause I kept telling myself to be calm and don’t let what happened previously affect me. So, there, I slowed down and it was great. I enjoyed myself and smiled a lot. Many couldn’t recognise me and said I looked really matured. I’ll post the photos on my blog when I received them. I shook hands with Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnum, Minister for Education and Second Minister for Finance, 4 times throughout the whole opening ceremony. He said it was a great performance and spoke to us. He also mentioned that we could speak really well and probably can set up a drama club and encourage people who are weaker in English to join, in order to boost theit confidence.

During the dinner, I wasn’t really eating. In fact, I was moving around a lot to entertain people, especially Miss Sophia Tan. I met other teachers who left, like Mrs Quek, and all. So great to see them again. I shook hands with many teachers and all and they said it was great performance. (: I miss Miss Sophia Tan A LOT. I thought of her during lessons and wish to talk to her sometimes. Seeing her today is really wonderful. She kept rubbing my back to make me feel better. We put our hands over each other, we held hands and we hug. Awww.. I t was really sweet. I really had the urge to hug her. And we hugged really long. I missed her so much that the sight of her can make me cry — tears of joy. It was lovely. Unfortunately, she couldn’t join me after the event as she has some kind of celebrations with the other teachers.

After the whole event, Ben, Shi Min, Danny, Hao Wen and I went to McDonalds at Compass Point. It was already 22:15 at that time. We stayed there for awhile and talked a bit. We started to make our move after we realised that we may miss the last bus. So, we all went home. When I reached home, I washed up, got out of my character’s looks and here I am, blogging.

I have a dragon boat race tomorrow! Hope it’ll be good. After that, I’ll probably pay a visit to coach at the hospital. So, I think I’ll play a little bit of Upshift Strike Racer now. Nights!

I love you, Miss Sophia Tan! ((:

lots of love,


Friendships never last long for me.

I should say that it was another, quite okay day. Great thing that is. I had my Chemistry test today which I didn’t study for at all. I was worried that I won’t have time to complete the whole paper in the given time, or not, get stucked at questions. But I suppose, after Mrs Lim gave us so many worksheets to practise in class, all the steps were totally fresh in my mind during the test. In addition, she said that the test was peanuts if we could do all those practice questions she gave. I guess it was an easy paper. I rushed through it though. I think an A1 is confirmed. I’m just hoping for a 100%. I asked Mrs Lim to look through my paper and she kept saying ‘so far so good’. And at the end of the paper, she said, ‘not bad not bad’. Hmm.. I hope we get it back really soon.

I know my Physics test results today. I was afraid that I may cry for the results as I was expecting something bad, really bad. I finish the paper, hence, 4 marks gone. Then, I didn’t study for it, resulting in very vague explanations if required. In the end, I scored 26/35, a 74%. If I were to take away 4 marks from the full marks due to the undone questions, I’ll score 26/31, a 83.9%. Hmm.. Not bad actually. But I seriously got to look at the paper and see where the mistakes were. Anyway, congratulations to Jia Ying who scored the highest in class, 33/35 and Shi Min, 3rd in class, 31/35.

After school was the ‘O’ level Express Chinese Litening Comprehension. It was rather cool as the passages were broadcasted live on the radio. I had 3 As, 3 Bs, 1 C, and 3 Ds for my answer. Oh wells. Then I went for rehearsals. I think it wan’t very interesting cause we were only doing the finale. Anyhow, Miss Sim shouted quite a bit and I guess it made people unhappy about it. Shouldn’t have shouted, really. ><

Well, I guess my friendship with people never last. )): So far, the longest friendship I’ve ever had is about 3 years. I don’t know, espcially recently, I lost contact with many friends. Even Tuan Anh, the person who I used to talk to everyday. I feel very uncomfortable with that, to be frank. As in, it’s like there’s a cold war going on. I felt so extra awkward just now when I gave him a call. We were like so cold and like enemies. =X That’s how I felt. Totally sucky. And Tuan Anh and my friendship was one that I thought would last really long. I was wrong AGAIN, for the ‘who-knows-how-many-times’. I wonder, when will my friendship last long?


talk to me.

Well, it was a long day today and I must say that I’m running low in energy and concentration. This morning, I woke up, gave Shi Min a call, and made my way to Compass Point to do some work, knowing that I won’t have time tonight. After all the homework and lunch, we went to school together. I was playing with my scientific calculator with a silly game that my classmates started with. It’s pressing the button ‘M+’. It’ll show the number of times you pushed it. No cheatings and all can be done. I just started this morning and now, I’ve reached 20000 times.

Today’s full dress rehearsal was HOT. I was in a business suit. Skirt + blazer + peach pink long sleeves shirt + court shoes. We had make-ups on as well as those headsets. I screwed up my speech. I forgot my lines on the spot, despite having  the script on the podium. Anyhow, the other parts were great. As in, I didn’t screw up and was full of energy. We had utensils on the table too, with a wine glass, filled with plain water today. Drank quite a lot during the whole performance.

Although the rehearsal was quite a great event today, my thoughts seemed more important to me, at this point of time. I don’t know what happened, we were suppose to go for a drink to relax a bit and all after the long day. But Wendy wasn’t in the mood cause she lost her shoe box. She took a cab home. Next, Hazimah went off on the motorbike. Tim and Ben went off too. I was left walking alone in the night. I wasn’t scared, seriously. Just lonely. Couldn’t remember what was I thinking, but I knew it was some crappy negative thoughts.

As the song, ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ by U2 played on my Mp3, my mind and all, I stared at the LRT track, thought of the horrible loneliness and tears filled my eyes. I was alone at the LRT station. The night was silent and I thought it was a rather great night to go for a walk alone, or with someone I could talk to, especially a walk by the sea, by the beach. That would’ve been great.

I looked ahead and saw no sign of a LRT train. I looked towards the school and saw groups of people heading towards the station. My first thought was: oh no. I hope the LRT train comes really soon. Reason was because, groups of people can be distracting and disturbing. It breaks the silience of the night. Although I won’t be lonely, I thought I’d rather be alone than be in a crowd.

Unfortunately, the LRT train didn’t hear my call. It came awhile later when the groups of people got to the station. Jia Ying was among them. Hence, I talked to her. She’s one of my closest friends. Then we for a drink. Off I went for home as I walked the short distance back to my house, dragging my feet.

You know, I feel like talking to someone, face to face, or on the phone. I think it’s either Miss Lo or Miss Sophia Tan. I just feel like talking. I want to talk about something. I want to get the things off my heart and mind. But somehow, if I were to call them, I wouldn’t know how to start. I don’t know what I want to talk about. But I know there’s just this something that’s stuck in my mind that I’d like some advice about, or maybe just a listening ear. However, when I don’t know what is it, they won’t know what is it. When they don’t know that is it, they can’t helping. I’ll be wasting their time which I won’t want to. I DID try talking to Miss Lo, hoping that this thing stuck in me will just be blurted out. But it didn’t happen. I don’t know what to do about it now.

Tomorrow will be an extremely tired day. I’ll have to wake up early for the Milo Race, then I have dragon boat training in the afternoon. It’s a bit crazy. I’ve got lots of homework not done but I think I ought to go for training. I skipped training last sunday and 3 days of this week. The race is on 29 July. Oh no. I don’t know what to do. If I go for everything tomorrow, I’ll have absolutely no time for homework. But I’m still considering not to go for training. >< EEKS.

I think I seriously need to talk.



Taking the Physics Common Test was a great mistake. BUT, it’s not like I have a choice not to. As expected, I screwed up. Firstly, I wasn’t able to study much or absorb much. I didn’t study the definitions of certain things. So, I got the definitions wrong. Thank goodness I managed to remember the fomula. Next, I was kind of slow at reading and certain questions, I found myself reading them repeatedly, mind totally blank. So, that wasted time. All these, led to, not completing the paper. I left two 2 marks questions blank. I didn’t have time to do them. Moreover, some questions at the front, I just anyhow do them. See? It’s gone.

Next thing. I was looking forward to Social Studies lesson the whole day. And finally, when it was SS lesson, we were asked to hand up that piece of SS essay and were made to go to the hall for the Sexually Transmitted Infections [STIs] talk. Dang. It was a 1 hour talk. I like SS lessons cause Miss Lo is the teacher teaching it. There are jokes to keep you awake, interesting facts about other countries and all. Of course, Miss Lo is really caring. I could say that other than a great teacher, she’s a great friend, listener and advisor. ((: Really grateful.

Somehow, I don’t know what, the joint at my left knee seems to hurt A LOT. At least just now in the afternoon. Before recess, I hurt rather badly when I move it. Then, after some walking around and all that, it was quite all right already. And, later on, after sitting in class and not moving around, it started to hurt even worst than before when I finally stood up. It’s like, you stand, then when you bend the joint, you’ll just kind of fall back to the chair or grab hold of something. Eeks. I hurt a lot as I walked. Fortunately, it became better now. At least I could only feel a bit of discomfort there.

The musical rehearsal is now covering everything, and done with the finale. That’s a great thing. Finally, we’re having a proper closure to the grand opening. I’m happy about the casts being the last to be mentioned, and the stage will be just us. We kind of ‘acted’ like some real theatre people. haha. Kind of cool. The finale at the end woke me up, finally. Before that, it was so bad. At back stage, I slept. I was blur cause I didn’t notice that they were starting from a part that I was suppose to be at the dining table, instead of back stage. Yeah. And I was a bit grumpy about some formation and movement. It just doesn’t look right and feel right. However, Richard said it looked perfectly fine. Oh wells. Probably it’s just me, though Wendy, Timothy and Hazimah agreed with me too. When we did a full run through, I feared that I couldn’t remember my lines. As I did the speech, which is the first part where my role appears, I thought about the lines at the dining table. You know what? I couldn’t recall anything. I sat that, confirmed my lines every now and then with Wendy. Eeew… AND, Ben kept saying that I was stoning! Goodness. I’ve been trying VERY hard not to and I thought I didn’t. But he kept saying I did. I thought I was swaying to the music and he said no, I was stoning. DANG. =/

Lastly, I didn’t do much homework today. I went to Compass Point to study. Once again, I rushed. In the end, after a long wait, Shi Min called me and said she couldn’t make it. I was thinking, if that’s the case, I wouldn’t have went! I’m just so tired and I didn’t feel like rushing. In addition, I wasted 2 bucks buying a drink just to stay there and do my work. EEKS.

Oh wells. First 2 periods is SS tomorrow! Will look forward to that. Other than that, I don’t see anything else I can look forward to. After school, I’ve got council meeting. I think I ain’t doing anything as the President of the Council. Once again, I’m guilty. I MUST chase Jane and get her to update me with meeting details!! I told her so long ago and yet I didn’t get anything from her! ARGH. It’s getting on my nerves. Oh my gosh.

nevermind. *chill*


Upset over loss of social studies textbook

I was so upset by one thing which no one should be. I know it’s strange, but I’m upset about losing my social studies textbook. I don’t know how. I just couldn’t find it yesterday when I was putting my books into the locker. I thought I left it in class accidentally. That’ll be the 3rd incident I come across this week. My books went missing two other times this week and fortunately, I found them in class. This time, I couldn’t find it anywhere. )):  One possible reason that I get so upset is that there are personal notes inside whereby I wrote in myself. Also, I wrote the answers to some questions inside too. Now, all gone. ><  I almost cried when I couldn’t find it, even after searching the places.

There wasn’t any social studies test today. Social studies lesson is good so far. Interesting things and lovely teacher. We were given an essay to do as homework. I just remember that. =X

Today, 2 other teachers showed their concerns about my problems [anxiety/stress]. I don’t know, but is it so distinct that people can see so clearly I’m totally stressed out? Mr Tan C.K. talked to me, telling me to clench my fist then release it, feeling the release of pressure. Then Mr Tong spoke to me, asking if I have any problems and if I need help. WOW. Can’t believe it. 5 teachers know about it. When I asked Mr Tan C.K. how did he know about all these stress things going on in me, he replied, ‘you look the most stressful among everyone. I have EYES.’ o.O Well, I appreciate their concerns though. Thanks teachers.

I can’t believe I finished writing my Chinese composition. It’s quite hard to write and I managed to write it! Moreover, I wrote around 835 words and that’ll be under the ‘good’ range. 😛

Rehearsal today was QUITE all right. I thought I did quite well actually cause I managed to slow myself down. I didn’t speak too fast. Then I will be joining Hazimah and Wendy on stage to sing the last chorus of ‘When You Believe’! I just need to practise the song and think of some actions to fit into it, cause I thought I was rather awkward today. Then we’ll sing the pop version of the school song. We’ll have to clap and all that. I’ll se if there are any other actions we can do.

Training was rather all right. Wanted to skip it today after waiting so long. I waited from 19:10 to 19:55. I was thinking that if I still don’t see anyone at 20:00, I’ll leave for home. I was really really tired of course.

I tried taking spicy food during recess. The gastroenterologist advised me to avoid spicy food. However, I haven’t really noticed the abdominal discomforts when I consume spicy food last time as I wasn’t aware of the food I take. This time, I wanted to try if it really triggers the abdominal discomforts. True enough, it did.

Anyway, I’m going for outrigger canoeing tomorrow afternoon with Ai Zhi and Jason R. [he’s a super cool guy! a mixed race: Italian + Thai + European + Asian]. There may be others coming along. Then in the evening, we’ll head to SKCC for the Thank You dinner. No rehearsal tomorrow! CHEERS! But next week, I’ve got 2 common tests already. Biology Common Test and Physics Common Test.

That’s all for today, though more happened, but my eyes are shutting soon.

[Oh yes. I called IMH today and asked if I could bring forward my appointment with the psychiatrist. In the end, she told me that the dates available will only be in September, earlier than that, no dates. So, of course I’d stick to my current appointment date which is 25 July. Can’t believe they have so many patients to see. =X I requested not to have my mum with me when I go for the appointment. And she said I MUST have her with me. I think that totally sucks. They are there to hear me out. What’s the point of having my mum inside when I can’t talk about things as I wished to? I REALLY hope she can not be with me. ><]

lots of love,

A talk, that’s all I need.

Today was a relatively bad day. I wasn’t alittle unhappy about the reading system in my school this morning. On Mondays, we are issued The Straits Times [English newspapers] and on Wednesdays, we are issued the 联合早报 [Chinese newspapers]. Today, being Wednesday, we were given the Chinese paper. Knowing that, I decided not to bring my storybook. I don’t see the point of bringing it when we will be given other reading sources. Our bags are heavy or fat enough. We don’t need extra thick books to make it thicker. The teachers checked for our storybooks today. I thought we WERE allowed to read the newspapers. But, Mr Tong recorded my name and a few others for not bringing storybooks. What? I’m not happy about that. Hello? I’m innocent?? Oh wells. Nevermind.

You know, today was especially stressful for a few of us. Suddenly, we were given more homework and test dates. Shi Min cried twice already. =X  I almost did, as usual. To be frank, I feel that way almost daily. The urge to cry. Jia Ying experienced that today too. During A. Math, I was having some headaches. I seriously thought I was going insane. I felt as though my brain was going to explode or my brain is going to fly out. It was chaotic in the mind. Ouch.

As for the rehearsal, I actually wasn’t really involved in it today. That was good. I just couldn’t go into my character today. It’s like a step into it only. I frown a lot when I read the lines. I couldn’t read with the correct expression. If I try too hard to fulfil it, I’d find myself frowning more or make the whole thing worst. Thank goodness all these were just practising of lines. I sat there and did nothing or practised lines. I felt totally tensed up and all that.

Frankly speaking, I thought a talk will be good. I just felt like talking to Miss Lo about things. But I couldn’t get myself to walk up to her and say I need to talk. Although I’d love to talk about things, I don’t know what to say or how I should start. I just don’t know why I need to talk but I just felt that it’s all I need now. I’m still feeling that way too.

I’ve got my Social Studies test tomorrow. Oh no. I roughly know that content, but not exactly in detail. Eeks. I hope that’ll be all right. And I have yet to complete all my homework due tomorrow. I’ll do my Chemistry tomorrow morning and ignore the A. Math supplementary worksheet which was rather unfair. Cause the good students [distinction students for A. Math] were given a 4-paged wordsheet to complete. The students who scored below distinction were given a 2-paged worksheet to complete. While the ones who don’t do so well go for remedial lessons. I think the distinction holders should do lesser and get a break. But in the end, we are doing the most. =/

Well, TIRED. Goodnight!



I feel that Social Studies isn’t that bad after all! At least for now. (:  We’re going to start studying about Northern Ireland next week and it’s like, I’m interested in it!! However, we were made to read pages 1 – 21 and 111 – 130 in the textbook by the next lesson. Oh wells. Looks like I got to bring my textbook and read it at race tomorrow and Sunday.

Today’s musical rehearsal was kind of terrible to me. As in, I screwed up and all that. I couldn’t deliver my lines properly — mixed them up. And I kept walking out of character. During the performances whereby we have to pretend we enjoy them,I kept stoning away. I couldn’t concentrate. Apparently, it was too boring sitting there and watching. ><

Anyhow, today, Mrs Singh spoke to me about my anxiety/stress problems. She’s the 3rd teacher to talk to me about it. First was Miss Lo, then followed by Miss Sophia Tan. We spoke after school outside the staff room. To be frank, I didn’t know what to say. So, Mrs Singh asked me questions and I answered, though not very well. It was hard to describe things and point out the root problem. But she was nice enough to talk to me about it. She said she could see the anxiety when I spoke to her. Hmmm.. Maybe. I thought probably I was really tensed up.

Lunch time was totally boring. I spent it alone cause I couldn’t find anyone that I always spend my meal time with. That sucks. I decided not to eat and go to the library to copy A. Math notes. However, later on, I decided to eat cause I don’t want to end up with gastric and all that.

Tomorrow is the race! We’ll do well I guess. And I think I’m having some crappy problems with my parents. =/ Especially mum. It’s like she just don’t understand things. She always misunderstand me and nag about crap. It’s super annoying. Not that I want to mention it but I can’t stand it anymore. Nevermind. Shan’t continue. =/