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motivation required.

Now that exams are over, I feel so free. I don’t really know what to do or where to go. Studying is no longer a valid reason for going out most of the time. I thought of my study plans but somehow, when I want to start it, I don’t know where to start or just don’t have the mood for it. I plan to start working on the Sec 4 chapters and also know my Sec 3 chapters very well. I can really see how helpful it’ll be. But I just can’t find that motivation to start this study plan. Where has this motivation that I used to have, gone to? I really really need it back. I don’t wish to waste my time now, and not study. I really need to study very hard and do very well for my Os. I’m worried enough about my school already. I’m uncertain if I’ll be able to make it through Os and go to the school I want to go. Oh wells. So, I must study damn hard to feel reassured.

I’m stuck in a dilemma now — should I work during December holidays or not? I want some cash for myself, and I want to study too. In addition, December holidays will probably be spent doing my holiday assignments as well as organising the Sec 1 Orientation. I think when I return to school this Monday, I’ll be expecting busy schedules again. ><  I guess I’ll have to stay back at school for lots of meeting for the student council, and probably get demoralised further by my terrible EOYs results. Anyhow, amongst all these, I MUST be able to handle all these at the same time. Back to the question. Should I work or not? If I get a job, I’ll get one whereby I can converse with people. At least that’s not so boring. (:  Anyway, I think I’ll probably make my choice when the holidays come. That’s when I can see the amount of holiday assignments I have, the number of meetings I have to attend, etc.


Thanks to all who have been there for me. (:



STOMPers Outing!! <333

I’m back!! I guess I’m one of the first few to be back from the outing. I left early because of curfew. Anyway, while the photos are being uploaded on Photobucket, I’ll blog about the day. 😀

I left home for Somerset MRT station, thinking that I’ll be late. In the end, I reached at exactly 12:00. I thought there will be people earlier than me, but there wasn’t. I waited for around 10 minutes and then Beveragejunkie came. ((: It was rather awkward. I saw her, wondering if I got the right person. It’ll be really odd if she’s not coming for the outing. So, I stood beside her and called her. Haha. As expected, she answered the call and I knew it was her. 😛  So, both of us waited for the rest.

When xVivacex, raymondED, coldkohmew and ckngno.7 arrived, we headed to Cineleisure first and hang out at Burger King. We waited for more people to arrive. When behindyou, sadisticnoob, jeremy, EterNA_vioLENZA, and a few others reached, we went to Cathay.

It took us really long to decide on the movie. Finally, we’ve decided to watch ‘No Reservations’. The movie is not bad. ((:  There are sad scenes, funny scenes, and romantic scenes. It’s so similar to life. I like it. 😉

After movies, we walked aimlessly around Heeren and then back to Cineleisure for dinner. Some people went to the food court for dinner, while some, including me, went to Pasta Mania for dinner.

After dinner, we walked to Plaza Singapura and sat around at StarBucks. 😀 That was when we really talked a lot! ((:  It was great. We sat in seperate groups. Beveragejunkie and I shared a cup of small Mocha Frappuncino.

Unfortunately, I had to leave at 21:20. So, sadly, I left relunctantly. Anyway, I need to apologise for not being able to shoot good photos or many photos. >< Oh wells. I’m not a good photographer. I have to practise my photography on stationary things still, before moving on to things that move. I also need to be more stable. I’ve corrected my way of holding the camera already. But, still, I’m a bit shaky. )):

Well, it was A GREAT OUTING. I really enjoyed it. (((:

Photos on STOMP! Here’s the link:

Love you guys!!!


You know what? The damn internet crash when I was about to publish the long entry I typed and the 20 over photos I uploaded with captions. WHAT THE HELL!!!! I AM SUPER PISSED NOW. Now what?? Retype that whole thing??? It’s so much! But today is one of the memorable days!!

FINE. YOU IDIOT INTERNET MADE ME DO THIS. Now, I’m sorry, I shan’t upload the photos today. WAIT. Not that I don’t want. I DID. But the internet screwed up everything and spoil my mood!!

The crazy thing that happened was that I overslept. OKAY?!?! HAPPY? FINE!

First appointment with the social worker.

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Basically, this photo was taken yesterday. Somehow, just this flower had these red ants on it which inspired me to try taking some photos of ants. This is an enlarged version of one of my photos. I think the ant is quite cute. But the bite would definitely be nasty. =X

I’ll keep this short.

In the morning, Shi Min, Gena, Amanda Ting and Vivian came to my house after lunch time to practise ‘One in Love’ by A1 for the audition on Tuesday. Hence, I better get my throat well.

After that, I went to IMH alone for my appointment with the social worker. I was extremely tired and had problems expressing myself. I wasn’t in my best mood to talk. I kept stopping to think. There were rather awkward moments whereby I couldn’t think of what to say. One thing I know is that, I didn’t say everything that I want to say. I was too tired to think too much. ><

After that, she said I’ll be seeing her in 3 weeks’ time — 31 August. Today, I had to pay 10 bucks just by seeing her. I guess in future it’ll be cheaper cause today is the first visit. I felt really weak and was feeling cold. However, I still walked home. When I reached home, I was really tired. So, I slept for 2 hours.

Okay. Like I said, I’ll keep this short. So, goodbye!


I should say that the Emath paper 1 and Express Chinese listening comprehension are kind of easy, but the Emath paper 2 is slightly tougher. For Emath paper 1, I finished the paper in 50 minutes and spent the rest of the time checking the paper. I didn’t expect it to be so easy. haha. Then for Chinese listening comprehension, somehow, I managed to understand everything!! Which means, I can comprehend Chinese better now! 😀 

Unfortunately, Emath paper 2 wasn’t that easy. I was stuck at the first question on congruency and similarity. I didn’t see the diagram shown below the question and was trying to visualise the shape before I noticed that diagram. haha. how silly. And there was one question I didn’t know how to do, but managed to find the answer through trial and error. At least I’ll get a mark for the answer. xD  And there was another question on graph that I didn’t know what to do. Hence, through some thoughts, I decided to draw a straight line across the graph, y = -5. And somehow, people said that it was right. HAHAHA. Wow. I’m lucky. :p 

Tomorrow is KILLER COMBINATION of Chemistry and Physics. Well, I feel as though I don’t know anything for all these. But when you give me the question, I probably can do them. Hmm.. Good thing? Don’t know. Will revise somemore!

I didn’t go to Bishan to mug today, unfortunately. I went home, bathed and headed to Compass Point library [eeks. that horrible place. ><]. I did Chemistry and coached Pei Xu with his math alittle. Then Desmond Khoo joined us and we kind of discussed that set of Chemistry paper Mrs Lim gave this afternoon. I can’t believe I completed it before I left! I was left alone behind actually.

Somehow, the cafe there was occupied by a total of 4 to 5 groups of Pei Hwa students. I know them all. hehe. But I was alone after that at my table. Quite happy actually. ((:  Full concentration! I spent 6 bucks for the sake of mugging there. =X  $3.20 ice cappuncino and then the lady said I stayed there for too long, either leave or buy more things. So, I bought a cup of hot chocolate which cost me $2.80. Eeks. Why are they like this? Ask people to leave. >< Oh wells. After all, our hardwork for studies will pay off in future and help our country what. =/

I shall study my Physics later and a bit more for Chemistry. Oh yes! It RAINED today! Whee! And it was quite windy and cool during the Emath paper 2. 😀  I hope it’s the same for tomorrow and I wish I’ll be able to complete both papers cause I seriously have no idea what format and type of questions to expect. =X


huishan. (:

Early morning greetings. ((:

okay. it’s morning now. I’ll just crap a bit before I have my breakfast and go to school. xD

Hehe. I just hope today will be a good day. (:  Ehh.. I started off the day being optimistic okay. So, can’t blame me if I come home all upset, down or something.

So, the interview is today… And I just checked my email and realised that Mr Lim is going to spend time with me, together with Mrs Singh to discuss about my speech, invest stuff, as well as the committees’ roles, my roles, and many more. Aww man… So many things to discuss. >< I hope I’ll be useful enough to contribute ideas. And, it seems like I need to re-write my speech. Hmmm… nevermind. It’ll be longer this time cause the teachers are going to add more things.

Well, I shall end here. Yay! Walking Jolyn to school. =P  First period of the day: A. Maths. hehe. It’s nothing much! ((:


Newbie. xD

hello people. ((:

This is my newly created blog! =D

Yay! WordPress rocks! ^^