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Last day of work!

The last day of work!! Woohoo!

Anyway, I was supposed to do SBE!! But AGAIN, I was being put at the entrance. What a nice way to spend my last day of work at the zoo. Reason was because it’s my last day, it’s pointless to learn about SBE AND, there are people who took MC, leaving only 2 people at the entrance. So, final decision was, I had to do entrance.

I was really upset with that decision. Was in a bad mood for the first to second hour, then I was better. Lunch was with Caspar at 11:30, the time that I hate to have lunch at. At least I had somebody to eat with. However, I didn’t have the mood to sit at the Ulu Ulu Restaurant with the others because I didn’t feel like talking and have no mood to listen. So, Caspar and I had our lunch at the loft. I listened to piano music on my mp3 and enjoyed the silence at the loft. Great.

After lunch, I became kind of weird. I did the members lane for an hour while Benji was away from lunch. Then after 15 minutes Benji returned from lunch, I requested to do exit. And just like that, I did exit for 2.5 – 3 hours continuously. Haha! Something was wrong with me I guess. I didn’t feel like talking and wanted to stone. That’s why I guess.

After work was awesome!! Had my last Ben & Jerry’s mix ‘n’ match with Caspar and Benji. Sadly Joyce wasn’t there to join us! It was Caspar’s treat. Thanks Caspar! Here’s a photo with Caspar (left) and Benji (right):


Caspar and I headed to Thomson Road to have our dinner. Sadly Benji couldn’t join us as he had to attend a family dinner. Dinner was Caspar’s treat too. THANKS AGAIN CASPAR!! πŸ™‚ After dinner, we headed to Caspar’s church as he had to speak to someone. And after that, we made our way to Changi Airport to send Joyce off for her 6 months student exchange at Italy.

Damn sad can. My best girl friend from work flew to Italy for 6 months. Will only see her again on 1 August. >< Then I won’t get to see Caspar and Benji that often anymore. Oh wells. We’ll meet again soon, I hope. πŸ˜€



Not so good.

I wasn’t in the best of moods today due to several reasons. I was all excited for work today as I was scheduled to do SBE (rental of wagons, strollers and lockers) for the first time and I heard it was fun. However, during the morning briefing, before I could even learn just 1 thing about SBE, Vijay (AIC) announced that whoever that’s doing SBE today will be doing alone (and that’s me) as Lela is on MC. Then I told them that it’s my first time doing SBE. Damn. Shouldn’t have been so honest at that time. At that very point, they asked Liyana to replace me and I had to do entrance. Like, ZOMG. Come on man, they can just teach me within 5 minutes can. They insisted that they can’t train me today. Oh my gosh.

Later on, I was told that I can go over to SBE after lunch to be trained. I was really glad to hear that. Unfortunately, when I JUST came back from lunch, I was told that I am NOT going to be trained for SBE today. Like, what are they doing? Pushing me around? Not only that, at the entrance, I didn’t even get a chance to do members the whole day. At that point, I felt like I’m given the worst job all the time. :/

There was something else that made all these worse — abdominal pains & discomfort. Out of all days to experience this. When I even bother to mention that I’m experiencing this that means it’s not some mild pains that will go in an hour or two. Before lunch, I was already experiencing them. The pain didn’t ease after lunch and stuff (too lazy to really elaborate).

Anyway, Benji and Caspar were really nice and kind of helped me to request for a break so that I can sit down for awhile to reduce the pain. Then Cui Xia walked over and asked me to take a seat while she take over me for awhile. I felt bad for doing that but I know I’ll feel better that way. So, I went to sit and I felt really awkward and terrible about it. Then Marilyn Choo asked me to go home if I’m really not feeling well. I told her that some rest will be fine (considering that there’s only 1.5 hours to go and I need to get an MC for going home early). However, she went on to make me feel even more guilty by telling me that the rest are also tired and yet I am sitting there to rest. I was like, fine, I’ll just go back. No point sitting there and listening to all these when I already know it myself. In addition, I dislike the fact that she makes it sound like I’m faking it. Well, people who know me well won’t think that way. But oh well, how many people are there who know me well?

After all these that happened, there were a lot of negativity in my mind and all that. *sigh* You can say that I’m sensitive or what, but that’s only because I’ve heard all those stuff MANY times. So, when it’s mentioned, it’s like everything comes right back at me. >< I’ve been trying my best to get rid of this but so far the only thing that I can find to cheer me up a little is reassurance. And sorry if I ask silly questions at this sort of times.

I can laugh a lot even when I’m really upset. That’s what happened today.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day of work and I’m scheduled to work at SBE again. I hope the same thing won’t happen again tomorrow if not I’ll be very upset. Tomorrow better be good. And it’s so sad that Joyce’s leaving Singapore tomorrow! Then I have one less girl friend to hang out with. :X

All right, I hope I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and feel refreshed and ready for the day. All the best to myself.


HEY ALL! Yes, I’m going to update my blog. (: There are so many things that happened lately! Zomg! I think this is going to be a super long blog entry! All right, I’ll go by dates, starting from… 13 January. πŸ˜€

13 January 2009

Today is my first day as operator. It was pretty fine and I get to sit down the whole day. My job as operator 2 is to file certain documents, call guests that reported loss of items, record found items and store them, answer calls, identify mails for the different departments, and answer even more calls. During times that I have nothing to do, I just grab some maps to amend. Sharon was the one training me and she did a great job. I asked her a lot of questions and also end up making her repeat too. ><

14 January 2009

Today I’m operator 2 again. But it’s a bit different. I was working with Eliza and Sharon. 3 people at the reception desk!! The more the merrier! So, we had fun chatting. πŸ˜€

15 January 2009

Operator 2 again, with Jhannie and Sharon. Jhannie brought some Chicken puff, 2 cookies and a muffin. So, we shared the food. πŸ˜€ But we had to eat secretly. hehehe.

That evening, after work, me, Joyce, Benji and Qi Bin went to the Night Safari together. I totally love the tram ride. πŸ™‚ It’s like so relaxing and cooling. hahah.Β 

Actually, I thought that going to the night safari that day will be more fun and less… pressurizing/annoying. But well, I was being matchmade with Casper again. ><

But then Qi Bin said that I’m not Caspar’s kind of girl. I felt relieved after hearing that. At least it’s the truth. Like, FINALLY. πŸ™‚

16 January 2009

I went with Mom to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for her medical appointment. While waiting for her, I went to Donut Factory to return my uniform and had my breakfast there. Hehe. 1 hot chocolate with 2 free donuts. 1 standard glazed and 1 donut of your choice (Spicy Cheese!). Hahah. I didn’t say that for such a long time! πŸ˜›

I was doing (something) while having my breakfast. Hahaha. Who knows, she was done pretty soon. Then we had our lunch at Urban Pantry. Yes, it’s FINALLY opened! hahah. Just in case you don’t know what’s that, it’s a new thing opened by Donut Factory and it’s only located at the Novena outlet of Donut Factory. They sell soups (such as German crepe soup, soupa criolla, miso soup, etc.), sides (such as french fries, mac & cheese, coleslaw with raisins, caesar salad, etc.) and mains (such as Jumbo jackets, terriyaki chicken skewers, crispy fish wasabi, vegetarian parcels, etc.). hahaha! I’m like promoting for them! hehe. πŸ˜›Β 

That evening, I went to Hui Ling’s house to do some stuff for the vice-principals as I’ll be seeing them the next day. Hehe. I can’t believe I was there until 21:15! That’s kind of weird because I hardly go to friends’ houses alone until that late.

17 January 2009

Senior Citizens Day at Pei Hwa. It was really boring actually. The performances weren’t for my age group. The worst thing is, the table that I was seated at was just right in front of the getai band and the loud speaker. Gosh… TORTURE. :X

Thank goodness halfway through lunch, we were called to go for the alumni meeting. So, I’m confirmed the Event & Welfare I/C and Im suppose to plan events. Hmm… Got to start soon. :X

After the alumni meeting, I went to Changi Beach with Gena. The decision was made as bus 89 arrived earlier than bus 27 (which goes to Changi Airport). Changi Beach was totally awesome that day! The wind was super strong and the sky and sea were blue. πŸ™‚ Gena and I went on the swing and we felt totally relaxed! I think I’ll go there when I’m feeling stressed next time. haha. Together with the strong wind and high tide, the waves that crash right into the seawalls went real high and over the fences. That’s my first time seeing such a thing happen! haha. Totally cool. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I’ve post some photos that were taken below. πŸ™‚


Gena and I πŸ˜€


Gena and I ((:


Me on the swing πŸ˜‰


Gena on the swing (:


The big splash that I was talking about!Β 




18 January 2009

Worked as operator 2 again, but it’s with Aisyah. It was good because we can listen to music (since it’s a weekend) and there weren’t any mails to settle, etc. So, there was little to do. BUT, it was terrible because of an idiotic caller called FARIDAH. Well, I was really pissed with this person who called to talk to her dad who works as a zookeeper.

She’s ridiculous. She doesn’t answer my questions and she is very impatient.

Basically, here’s the conversation:

Faridah: Hello, can you put me through to one of the zookeepers?
Me: Okay, who do you want to speak to?
Faridah: My father, he works with the elephants. I’m his daughter.
Me: Okay. Please hold on for a moment.
( asked Aisyah and she said that I can’t put her through to him and can only ask for her contacts)
Me: Mdm, can I have your contact number and name and I’ll get one of them to call you.
Faridah: My name is Faridah and my contact number is …
Me: All right, I’ll get one of them to call you.
Faridah: Can you repeat the details for me??
Me: Mdm, I know your contact number and name. I’ll get one of them to call you.
Faridah: See?? You don’t even know the details! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO TO CONTACT?? Later you’ll get the wrong person to contact me!
(I was very irritated by this woman by then. I couldn’t care much about her request anymore.)
Me: But just now, you asked me to contact ONE OF THE ZOOKEEPERS.
Faridah: Eh, you shouldn’t even be talking like this!!!
Me: All right, all right. What’s his name then?
Faridah: Oh my gosh! You’re soooo RUDE!
Me: Okay, I’m sorry. What’s his name??
Faridah: (name of the zookeeper but I can’t hear her)
Me: Mdm, can you spell it out for me?
Faridah: You’re asking soooo many questions!! (spells out name)
Me: okay. I’ll get him to contact you.
(Faridah hangs up)

Oh my goodness. That’s totally terrible. This is the 1st super irritating caller I’ve encountered. I mean if you tell me his name earlier, I wouldn’t be asking so many questions. And, since he’s your FATHER, call him on his mobile then. And lastly, I am the one that’s going to get your father to contact you. So, don’t forget, if I’m really pissed, I can always choose to not let your father know about this and he won’t call you. Simple. Callers are just so annoying. Sigh.

19 January 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOLYN!! πŸ˜€ Yup, it’s my younger sister’s birthday.Β 

Hahah. After work, Benji, Casper, Joyce and I went to Ben & Jerry’s to get a mix ‘n’ match with 1 additional scoop. Hahah! I really enjoy sharing ice-cream like this. πŸ˜€ 35% off too!! It’s always very funny when we have to choose the ice-cream flavours, the syrup and topping. πŸ˜›Β 

Anyway, Caspar accompanied me to get my sister’s birthday present. I made him walk around AMK Hub like crazy. :X In the end, I bought a deco umbrella from Young Generations for her. It looks like a champagne bottle but it’s actually an umbrella. Really cool. πŸ˜€

Oh yeah, this is also the day when I get another super irritating call. This time, it’s from a teacher from an international school. Here’s the conversation:
Teacher: Hi, I called earlier regarding the price of the child ticket. I’m bringing a group of 37 students and they’re all 4-year-olds. I was told that it’ll be $4.50 for each child. But it seems like it’s actually $9. So, I want to ask if it’s $4.50 or $9
Me: Okay, Mdm. It’s actually $4.50 for each child because you’re bringing more than 30 students.
Teacher: All right. I also heard that for every 10 children I bring, 1 adult will go free. Is that true?
(I didn’t know about this, so I checked with Jhannie and Jhannie asked me to get her to confirm with the ticketing booth)
Me: Hello, Mdm, is it okay for me to transfer you to the ticketing booth as you have to confirm with them?
Teacher: No, I’m just checking with you about that promotion. Why do you need to transfer me to somewhere else??
(I asked Jhannie about it again and she told me that only some companies/schools will get the privilage. And only the ticketing booth has that information)
Me: Hello, Mdm, that’s because only certain companies/schools can enjoy that privilage. Hence, you need to check with the ticketing booth.
Teacher: Wait. Am I calling the Singapore Zoo?
Me: Yes.
Teacher: Are you working at the Singapore Zoo?
Me: Yes.
Teacher: Isn’t this the general enquiries number?
Me: It is.
Teacher: Then why do you NOT know??? You know, you’re either NEW or you’re NOT well-trained! Can you get somebody else who can do the job better than you to answer my call?!?
Me: All right. Please wait.

I handed the phone over to Jhannie and in the end Jhannie said the SAME THING as me. She still ended up being transferred over to the ticketing booth. Like, if you could to spend that 3 minutes on settling your problem with the ticketing booth rather than to criticise me, you would’ve been done. When she said that I’m either new or not well trained, I feel like telling her, ‘YES, I’M N-E-W, SO?’ I mean, it’s ridiculous man. You expect me to know EVERYTHING? It’s not like I went to the university to study the ‘Operations at the Singapore Zoo’ course. People are just so ridiculous sometimes. They only think of what they want and never spare a thought for others. It’s not like I just said, “I don’t know, so, don’t ask me.” and hang up, right? I did my best to ask my trainer what to do and also wanted to transfer your call. I mean, all you have to do is speak to the people at the ticketing booth. I didn’t ask you to come to the zoo or even ask you to dial another number. *Sigh*

20 January 2009

My off day today and I decided to chill somewhere. So, in the evening, I met up with Lois at Pacific Coffee Company at VivoCity to chill out. πŸ˜€ I totally enjoyed my time there with her! We chat about all sorts of things while enjoying the awesome ambience at PCC. πŸ™‚ Then we went up to the Sky Garden to chat somemore while enjoying the stars/satellites up in the sky. I wish I can spend a day like this every now and then. It’s good for your mental health. πŸ˜›


21 January 2009

Worked as operator AGAIN. Went for lunch with Caspar only as Joyce and Benji weren’t working. It was damn silly. We were being matchmade by a group of people. And they left both of us all alone at the Ulu Ulu Restaurant. I actually believed that they were going back to work as Caspar and I went for lunch late. But in the end, when I went to the loft after lunch, I saw the whole group of them sitting there, chatting about us. Oh my goodness. I seriously dislike being matchmade. It’s irritating. And I hate the fact that you have to act so abnormally just to prevent yourself from being matchmade again. I want to be myself.

And, somebody called from ____ Education Centre regarding her tickets. She said that she order some tickets on 27 December and she was supposed to collect them on 12 January Β but she couldn’t make it in the end. She wanted to check when does the tickets expire and when can she collect the tickets as she wants to collect it on 28 January. So, I got her contact number and told her I’ll call her back asap. I contacted the ticketing booth right away to check if the tickets if with them. However, they couldn’t find it. I called the lady to tell her about it and she said that she has the order form with her and somebody called her to let her know that the tickets are ready for collection. So, I told her that I’ll try to check again for her. I called the ticketing booth again to double-check. They didn’t have it. This time, I called the education department and the sales department in the office too. I even called the Night Safari too as she just told me that it’s a Zoo-Night Safari Parkhopper. However, I had to wait till 17:45 to call the Night Safari ticketing booth as they weren’t ready yet. I did a lot for this guest. In the end, I spoke to the Night Safari ticketing staff and she said they don’t have the tickets. In addition, I gave her the guest’s contact number. She said she knows who I was referring to. Later on, I called to check and she told me it’s settled. So, I felt relieved.

22 January 2009

Worked as operator AGAIN. The guest from the ____ Education Centre called again. And she requested to speak to me. She told me that the Night Safari didn’t have the tickets. I apologised for not contacting her as I was told that the case was settled. She said it was fine. In the end, we agreed that she can resend her order since there’s no harm done. When she emailed us the order, she called for me again and wanted me to check if we’ve received her email right away. I checked and we did. She said she wants to know the status by today. I said okay. Sharon forwarded the email to the Education department. In the end, the education department forwarded it to the sales department. The guest called again and wanted to check the status. I asked Sharon and she said that the email has been sent to the sales department and she can check with them. So, I gave her the direct line to one of the lady under sales so that she can call her for further updates. In the end, that lady from the sales department came to me and asked me what it was about and why did I give that guest her direct line when she’s not informed about it before that. Omg. That’s what you get for being an operator. You get complains externally AND internally. Sigh. Thank goodness it was my last day as operator. Tsk tsk.

23 January 2009

Worked at entrance. Was really tired. Went to Night Safari with Desmond Khoo, Nicholas, Hao Wen, Tian Qing and Guo Wei but didn’t get to take the tram ride. Oh wells. It was a tiring day anyway.

24 January 2009

Went for dinner with Joyce, Benji and Caspar! It’s actually a farewell dinner for Joyce as she’ll be leaving for Italy this coming Friday for 6 months! I’ll have to say that these 3 people are my best colleagues/friends at work! It’s really fun hanging out with them. πŸ˜€ Anyway, I met up with Joyce early as she was feeling bored. We went to Borders and read a little here and there. Then we met up with Benji and Caspar to have dinner at N.Y.D.C. Β To be frank, that’s my first time eating there. :X I ordered a Hawai’ian oven-baked pasta. I think it tastes good. (: And later on, we went to Chippy British Takeaway for the fried Mars balls.Β 


25 January 2009

Finally! I’m writing about the present day!! πŸ˜€ Today is Chinese New Year Eve. Cleaned the house and had reunion dinner at Aunt Dolly’s place. Was really glad to see Megan, my lovely niece! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see her again tomorrow. πŸ™‚Β 

Anyway, I really can’t wait for school to start on 2 February. My last day of work will be on 30th January, doing the rental of wagons, strollers and lockers. I’ll be looking forward to that day. I also need to do some shopping for school stuff. Can’t wait!!

What a way to start the year.

Last night, I went for the countdown at Marina Bay with Shi Min and Anik. The fireworks was totally beautiful as we had a really good view from the pavement at the highway. Even though Dad went there to fetch Shi Min and I, Β I only reached home at 01:50. So, I only went to bed at 02:10.

This morning, I woke up at 06:00 for work at the zoo. I was at the zoo pretty early. I managed to sleep on the bus too. So, I felt totally fine.

I was doing the Members’ lane today and there were a lot of members. So, I was pretty busy. Fortunately, Anizah was there to help me. The machine pretty sucked. I mean, there were so many problems with the cards. Things like the card is expired when it’s not, the card is invalid, the membership is still pending, etc. And of course, there are irritating customers too.

However, at around 09:00, I started feeling some mild abdominal pains. I was thinking, oh no, I think I can only work half-day today. I told the Entrance In-Charge (EIC) for today and asked if I can knock off early. She said I can’t. Well, can’t blame her. :X There was such a big crowd today yet there weren’t many people working.

Unfortunately, at about 10:00, the abdominal cramps worsen and standing there became quite a problem. The next thing I experienced was nausea. I felt kind of nauseated and thought it was nothing much. Who knows, at 11:00, I really felt I couldn’t hang on any further. I let the EIC and Mr Sam know about it. I mean I didn’t look like I couldn’t hang on any further. They thought it was just because I got too tired due to the long queue at the members’ lane.

Minutes later, I could no longer smile properly anymore. I mean, I got to smile at the guests all the time especially when addressing them. So, I felt like I was using way too much effort to smile and that shouldn’t be the case. And I felt kind of dizzy. In addition, I was sweating and yawning a lot. Then I convinced the EIC that I needed to knock off as I couldn’t sustain anymore. She asked me to call a number to reach Geraldine to inform her about leaving early. When the EIC was telling me the number, I couldn’t concentrate (due to the intense pain) and made her repeat it like 5 times. >< Then after Geraldine spoke to me, she wanted to speak to the EIC. So, I had to take over the members lane again for the time being.

Well, it totally sucked. I had to key in a total of 3 memberships and that was bad enough. I looked at the membership numbers and they were blurred. I looked back at the guests and their faces looked totally blur to me. Gosh. I thought I was going to faint. ><

Yeah, so I sat at a bench nearby (it was hell trying to walk there man. :/). Hmmm… to get an idea how intense the pain was… it was bad enough to make me cry. Yeah. Those who know me will probably understand that. haha.

Mr Sam was really nice to bring me some warm water. I was like shaking when I stood up. :X The staff at the visitor information were really great too. They asked me if I want to go to the first aid room to rest. I sat at the bench until I felt like I could walk all the way to the first aid room.

So, at the first aid room, I was left there alone to rest. I fell asleep after 35 minutes and slept for 30 minutes. I woke up feeling better. Then I went home by bus.

So, this isn’t really a pleasant way to start the first day of a new year, eh? But still, got to thank those people who were really helpful when I was feeling like crap. These people are: Anik (thanks for offering to go to the zoo to send me home), Mr Sam, You Tian (well, I don’t really know you, but thanks for walking me to the first aid room), Anizah, Michelle, Shah-Shah (the EIC), etc. (:

And, for those who are reading this too, I wish you a very Happy New Year! And thank you to all that have sent me their wishes through smses. I’m really sorry that I have totally no idea who sent the messages to me because my Nokia phone is spoiled and all your numbers are stored in the phone. So, I’m using a spare phone at the moment. So, I have no numbers to send you guys messages and also to know who sent me messages. ><

Anyway, sorry for giving such a long story about today. I am still flabbergasted that 2009 started off this way. :X

I am leaving and they are trying to make me stay.

Yesterday, I told my manager, Kareesa, about the possibility of me quitting soon, depending on whether I get the job at the Singapore Zoo. Kareesa said that she’ll tell Win (a pretty high ranking person who interviewed me) about it. She did and she told Jonathan (outlet manager) as well. Win wanted to speak to me yesterday but I had to leave. So, she spoke to me today. But before that…

I was preparing to open the shop, doing the usual stuff (just that I really did the not so tough tasks today) and Jonathan called. He requested for me to answer the call. So, I did. Here’s roughly what he said:
“Hello Jaslyn, you quitting Donut Factory? Why? Is it because of Wendy?”
“Well, Wendy is pretty irritating and… pisses me off sometimes, but that’s not the main reason at all.”
Oh. Then I heard that the zoo is offering you a job, yes? How much are they paying you?”
*tells him the pay*
Wow, that’s high. So, you’re not going to stay? I mean you are a very good staff and you learn things very fast. Actually, you are one of our best staff you know. But since the zoo offers you a job and you want to take it, I don’t think I have the right to take that opportunity away from you.”
“Oh, thanks. Yeah, I’ll take the job if the zoo offers it to me.”
Okay then, good luck.”

Then in the late morning, Win came. When it was off-peak hours, she asked me to sit down and spoke to me. Here’s roughly what she said (She didn’t say everything at a go. I just want to cut it short and not include my replies. I answered her questions and she asked other questions.):
“Jaslyn, I heard you’re quitting. Is there anything to do with Wendy? The zoo is offering you a job right? How’s the pay like? What are you going to do at the zoo? Are you sure you want to work there? You know, we’re very reluctant to let you leave. I was about to offer you a position — a store trainer. Basically, you’ll be in-charged-of training new staff. I want to offer you that position because you have a lot of initiative, you’re dedicated to your work, you’re hardworking and you learn things very fast. But it’s just such a pity that you’re leaving us. If you want to come back here to work, you’re always welcome.”

Yup, those are the things she said. Wow, I only worked for 3 weeks and I’m offered a position. Interesting. But well, I still prefer the zoo job. (:

Anyway, the zoo called me this after and told me that I got the job! Yay! I’ll start work this coming Monday! Whee!! ((:

But actually, I’m really worried about one thing. Donut Factory kept claiming that I have to notify them 2 weeks in advance! Ahhhh! I really seriously don’t know that. They said it’s in the contract and I signed it. But seriously, I wasn’t briefed about that at all. So, Jonathan told me that he didn’t give me a schedule for next week as he was not sure whether I’m quitting or not. The means he gets it. Don’t you think what he said is indirectly allowing me to quit ‘whenever I want’? But I called Kareesa and she mentioned the 2 weeks thing and said I have to call Win. I called Win and she didn’t answer all the calls. The last time I called her, she hung up on me. I really hope she’s not pissed or what. I called her because this was urgent. If they don’t let me quit, I got to inform the zoo like, ASAP! Ahhh! Trouble, trouble.

I’ll go to work at Donut Factory tomorrow and see how it goes…

Ranting about that woman at work.

All right, today I had a totally crappy day at work. You know what? I’ve decided that I shall not keep that woman’s (*her*) name for her privacy. She doesn’t deserve that. Her name is Wendy. She totally made me lose my cool today. Enough is enough.

Here’s the list of things of what she did/said today:

  • “I said before, right?! If you want to display other donuts, merge the other donuts first!”
    So, I merged the other donuts.
  • “I said this many times already, right? Don’t merge the donuts like THIS.”
    “Fine.” *turns away*Β 
  • “This one (*points at container with detergent + water*) you add one is it? The detergent. You add so much for what? This one is very expensive one okay. Don’t pour so much!”
    Β I replied her yes but she pretended she didn’t hear it and repeated it again.Β I just followed the amount the other staff asked me to pour the other time. :/
  • “The coffeemaker you fix one is it?”
    “I didn’t fix it this morning. It was fixed already when I reached.”
    “Then the other day when Win (training manager or something) was here in the morning. You fix one right? Do you know you fixed wrongly? “
    “That day I asked Win how to fix it and she fixed it for me.”
    “No, that day when Win was HERE in the morning.”
    “You fixed wrongly! Come here!”
    *walks over*
    “Which colour do you fix on the left?”
    “Then the right? Black right?”
    “Then why that day you fix the other way round?”
    “No, I didn’t.” Well, I said that so many times before that and she seems to deny it. So, I thought maybe she could be talking about the other day. So, I said, “Well, that day I fixed already then I asked Jonathan (Outlet Manager) and he said it’s fine.”
    “NO, I’m talking about THAT day when WIN was here in the morning. “
    It was getting on my nerves already. Which part of it does she not understand?? So, I said it in a ‘you-are-getting-on-my-nerves’ way, “Yeah. I said, that-day-when-Win-was-here,-I-WALKED-OVER-TO-HER-AND-ASKED-HER-HOW-TO-FIX-IT-AND-SHE-FIXED-IT-FOR-MEEEE!”Β 
    “Okay.” *in an inconvinced tone*
  • “I teach you all things and you all don’t want to listen, later when they ask you and you can’t answer, don’t say I never tell you.”
  • *talks to Kareesa (manager)* “Kareesa, I tell you, if anything goes wrong, it’s not my fault.”
  • *shouts at Kareesa* “I TELL YOU, MY PATIENCE IS LIMITED ONE!!!” *slams stuff*

There were more things she did and said but I can’t remember everything. So, anyway, she talked to Kareesa outside the shop for awhile and they were talking to this other guy too. Then Kareesa came in and asked me to just smile at Wendy. I was like, “I ain’t gonna do anything.”

Look, who exactly is this woman?? Wendy. She wears an orange polo T-shirt just like me and the other newbies as well as the other ‘normal-ranked’ people. She doesn’t wear a black polo T-shirt which shows that she is a manager. And, she doesn’t wear any clothes that she wants to show that she’s a training manager, operating manager or even the Boss. So, Wendy is just someone who’s the same rank as me and has a lower rank than Jonathan and Kareesa. Jonathan and Kareesa are outlet managers. Wendy even dares to boss them around. I am TOTALLY PUZZLED why she’s not fired.

So what if I’m new? So what if I’m younger than you? It doesn’t mean you have the right to pick on me all the time and order me around. I tolerated you for the past weeks and you think you can boss me around? I think I’m the one who’s suppose to say ‘my patience is limited’. I don’t usually do this — blogging about something bad about someone specifically. Actually, this is my first time. You know what? Try me one more time, I’ll make sure that I talk to Win. Think I don’t dare to do so? I’ll just say that I dare to talk to anyone.

Yeah, so, I was so irritated by this woman, I requested for my break from Kareesa. I didn’t want to go for my break since I end at 15:00. But I got to get away from this woman. Go somewhere and chill. So, I went for my break, called Anik and asked if he wants to watch Yes Man. See? I needed to do something like watch a comedy movie to really forget about this woman.

Nowadays, at Donut Factory, all I look forward to is the end of work. It sucks that I have to wake up early in the morning and work there. Once evening is here, it just feels terrible to know that soon, it’ll be morning and I have to go to work again and s tart all over again.

I mean, I reach Donut Factory and I do most of the tiring jobs like sweeping the floor for the whole shop, setting up the tables outside the shop, arranging the tables, mopping the floor, wiping the tables, etc. They’re all very physical and I literally perspire doing all those stuff. Tomorrow, I’ll ignore doing all those stuff and do the easier tasks. I don’t know why I’m so hardworking (you can *cough* at this, but I’m serious. I really did all the tougher tasks, I know it myself). I don’t get paid more or what. Oh wells. I must learn to be not-so-hardworking at this kind of workplace.

Tomorrow, I’m so going to treat myself to something (again) after work. Anyone wants to join me somewhere? πŸ™‚

Updates: All in point form.

The title says it all. πŸ˜›

5 December 2008

Dory’s birthday!! πŸ™‚

6 December 2008

I don’t remember what happened. :X

7 December 2008

  • I received a call from the Singapore Zoological Gardens. I was called to go for an interview on 10 December 2008. Wow. That’s 2 weeks after I sent in my resume. But still, glad that they called! πŸ˜€
  • I saw a feedback in the feedback saying, “Staff Wendy’s (*her*) attitude is lousy today.” :X

8 December 2008

  • Boss came to the shop today to meet his friend. I served his friend. Before boss left, he welcomed the 2 newbies (yay! I want more newbies!) and his friend reminded him about me.Β Boss: oh yes, Jaslyn.
    Manager: Jaslyn is new too.
    Boss: how long have you been working?
    me: 1 week
    Boss: Wow! You’re very good! I heard you greeting just now and your voice is very clear and good! Keep it up!
    me: Thank you, sir.
    Boss: Are you a part-timer or full-timer?
    me: Part-timer
    Boss: Awww… Such a waste!
    Hahaha. That felt good. πŸ˜›
  • I saw a feedback in the feedback box saying, “Jaslyn is very nice with me and my gift vouchers :)” Β Woohoo! Hahahah.
  • It’s Alyssa’s birthday! Β (: I brought 24 donuts to the party after I worked half-day. hahah.
  • For the season finale of the Amazing Race 13 (or 14), I’m soooo happy that Nick and Starr won it!! Woohoo! I knew they’re going to win!!! They won 6 out of 10 legs! And, if you include the final leg of the race, it’ll be 7 out of 11! Amazing siblings. πŸ™‚ I like Toni and Dallas too. But unfortunately, they lost their passports and all their money in a cab during the 10th leg of the race. ):

9 December 2008

I ended work at 15:00 today and Mom was mopping the floor. After I left Donut Factory, I was told that I shouldn’t go home until 18:00. So, I walked around MPH at Novena Square, staring at stationery, then I made a trip to Dhoby Ghaut alone to walk around. I am asked to leave only at 18:00. So, it was rather boring because I had nothing much to see. :X

10 December 2008

  • I went for my interview at the zoo today. I reached like 45 minutes earlier! So, they allowed me to go first at 10:00. The interview was pretty fine. I was asked to go for a one-day tryout at the zoo from 09:00 to 18:00 on Monday. πŸ™‚ So exciting!!! I was also asked to wear sandals. HAHA! That’s one of the funniest requirements for attire. πŸ˜›
  • I pissed a few customer off today because I held the queue for too long. I mean, I was asked to promote the $10 voucher. So, if people purchase it and use it right away, I have to separate the receipts. There’s so much to do. So, of course I’ll have to hold the queue for quite long. A woman didn’t get her coffee for some time which I don’t know how long, then she walked over to the counter, and said, “Ehh, if I wait for you to serve me, I think I rather serve myself! (She repeated this like 3 times. Dang.) Look at you! You all are so disorganised!” What the hell… If she thinks it’s so easy, then come and do it yourself! So kiasuΒ (for friends who don’t know what that means, ‘kia’Β means ‘scared’, ‘su‘ means ‘lose’. So, together, it means, ‘afraid to lose’.)
  • I was praised a few times at work by customers too. They said that I’m such a good salesgirl. HAHA! Because I kept promoting the different offers and stuff. πŸ˜› It always feels good when you are promoting to the customers and they decided to buy the offer. πŸ™‚

11 December 2008

  • I was scheduled to start work at 13:00 today but when I reached there, my manager told me that I didn’t have to work today because I could only work an hour plus then I had to go for my appointment and after that, I can only work another hour. So, I sat at Donut Factory to read my book and only left at 14:00.
  • I went for my medical appointment for my barium swallow results. The doctor said it was fine, nothing serious at all. No cancer, etc. But he said that I only have some muscles coordination problems which is really nothing much. hahah. So, he scheduled me for an appointment 3 months later to see if it’s still bothering me.
  • I went to buy my swimsuit at AMK Hub! I bought an Arena swimsuit. πŸ™‚ Nice! After that, I made a sudden decision to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still at Cathay. So, I went up to Cathay and it was 16:35 on my watch. The next show will be at 16:40! Wow, I’m so gonna watch it! hahaha. And I did. My 3rd movie alone. πŸ™‚ Lalalas. hahaha. I got a good seat (it’s easy when you’re watching alone. haha). πŸ™‚ The movie was not bad. πŸ™‚ I love Klaatu (Keanu Reeves)! His hairstyle as Klaatu is much better. πŸ˜€

12 December 2008

1 thing – I’m going on cruise today in the evening and I’ll be returning on 14 December at 11:00. πŸ˜› Whee!

That’s all for updates. πŸ˜€