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superduperuber sucky results.

Updates on my EOY results.

I shan’t display my scores here yet until I’ve received all my papers.

I failed a lot.

And I did WAY below expectations.

I am demoralised.

I am discouraged.

I almost diverted my goal to Biomedical Science course at Singapore Polytechnic, instead of Hwa Chong Instituition.

I really really really want to go to a polytechnic instead of junior college.

I am not interested in the life of a JC student. =X especially the subjects.






Woah. Today was like damn tiring. After 3 months, I finally picked up the dragon boat paddle, and rowed in the dragon boat at Kallang. Today is my first time in Yio Chu Kang CSC dragon boat team. My previous team was Punggol Central CSC dragon boat team. And when I reached Kallang today, I didn’t know who have switched team to YCK from PC. I met up with some who decided to stay in PC and they were asking me why I didn’t stay. Well, I just prefer coach. =X

I reached Kallang with Kp and Pearson at 15:40. It started raining at 15:50 so Kp and Pearson went to hide under the bridge while I stood alone at the shelter. I was feeling so lonely there cause I still couldn’t find Fiffy or any other YCK members. I carried my backpack in front and hugged my shoe bag, with my back facing out. The rain got heavier and my whole back was almost totally drenched. Then, it got EVEN heavier with really ‘bright’ lightning and really loud thunder, and the wind was blowing the rain towards me. Hence, I annouce my back is totally soaked. I stood there in that position for an hour plus plus, not talking to anyone, and barely moving.

Finally, at 17:00, it was drizzling and we started to move into the boat. We rowed all the way to 18:15 or so. During the training, we raced with 4 boats. Woah. We won by 1 boat’s length!! Considering the fact that the other boats were small [12-crew] , and full, some were all men and ours, was the big [24-crew] boat with less than 12 people in side, and with 2 females. Yup. AND, it was my first time paddling after 3 months! My endurance level was rather low, I guess, but I endured and pulled through. ((:  Who knows, they called for another race. Hmm… This time, we lost by a bit. Maybe it’s my fault cause I didn’t use a lot of strength since I was totally worn out by then. When we head back, we did a few competition starts. Zomg. That was damn tiring, especially when the pacer was going too fast. ><  Anyway, I completed the whole dragon boat training today!!! I survived with no gloves, no water to drink, no light paddle. Hmm.. Not bad. Haha. Coach said I did fine today, just that I got tired more easily because, rowing in a big boat, with less than 12 people in it is not easy!! hehe.

I’ve got training again tomorrow and on Wednesday at Punggol Marina. ((: Hmm.. I hope I’ll be able to paddle better cause next Saturday and Sunday is the race!!

2nd & 3rd November 2007
Singapore River
09:00 to 18:00

Sorry to make you guys wait for me today. =X

Tomorrow, getting back results. I hope it’s something good. But I don’t know. >< Well, we’ll see.


motivation required.

Now that exams are over, I feel so free. I don’t really know what to do or where to go. Studying is no longer a valid reason for going out most of the time. I thought of my study plans but somehow, when I want to start it, I don’t know where to start or just don’t have the mood for it. I plan to start working on the Sec 4 chapters and also know my Sec 3 chapters very well. I can really see how helpful it’ll be. But I just can’t find that motivation to start this study plan. Where has this motivation that I used to have, gone to? I really really need it back. I don’t wish to waste my time now, and not study. I really need to study very hard and do very well for my Os. I’m worried enough about my school already. I’m uncertain if I’ll be able to make it through Os and go to the school I want to go. Oh wells. So, I must study damn hard to feel reassured.

I’m stuck in a dilemma now — should I work during December holidays or not? I want some cash for myself, and I want to study too. In addition, December holidays will probably be spent doing my holiday assignments as well as organising the Sec 1 Orientation. I think when I return to school this Monday, I’ll be expecting busy schedules again. ><  I guess I’ll have to stay back at school for lots of meeting for the student council, and probably get demoralised further by my terrible EOYs results. Anyhow, amongst all these, I MUST be able to handle all these at the same time. Back to the question. Should I work or not? If I get a job, I’ll get one whereby I can converse with people. At least that’s not so boring. (:  Anyway, I think I’ll probably make my choice when the holidays come. That’s when I can see the amount of holiday assignments I have, the number of meetings I have to attend, etc.


Thanks to all who have been there for me. (:


I don’t know.

I don’t know why. I’ve never been so low in confidence before. Usually, during exam period, I’m well prepared, very relaxed and since last year July, I’ve been excited too. This time, I’m worried, unprepared and feared many things. Even for Biology tomorrow. I seriously have no confidence for it. It’s as though I’ve never learned Biology before.

So far, I screwed up all my papers already. )): Every paper, especially math, there are questions whereby I didn’t know how to do.

I’m so tired and sleepy. ): Anyway, I thought things were solved and over. But I was wrong. I tried my best already. =/ What else do you guys want me to do?




Hey all! I’m like.. back. haha. I didn’t update my blog for so long already! ><

Well, it has been.. 9 days since I updated. I think I went through a lot during this period of time and it sucks. Lots of things. Making me emotional and really lethargic. I wake up every morning feeling like a zombie, falling asleep on buses, trains, and even waiting at bus-stops! Sigh… This is too much. I’m feeling so tired and sleepy way too often. I’m weak physically and mentally, maybe emotionally too. ):

Actually, I’ve gotten back my mock exam papers and they were… VERY BAD. This more or less means that I’m screwed for my EOYs. ))): I shall post my results here:

Paper 1: Composition: 21/30
                Situational Writing: ?
Paper 2: Comprehension: 10/25
                Summary: 13/25

Section A: 29/50
Section B: 21/30
Total: 50/80 [61.3%] B3

Section A: 19/30 )))):
Section B: 30/50 ))):
Total: 49/80 [61.3%] B4 )))))))))))))):

A. Math:
47/60 [78.3%] A1 )):

E. Math:
41/60 [68.3%] B3 ))))))))):

Section A: 25/29
Section B: 30.5/50 )))))))):
Section C: ?
Section A + Section B: 55.5/79 [70.3%] A2 )))))))))))))))))))))))))):

Social Studies:
SBQ: 12/25
SEQ: 12/25
Total: 24/50 [48%] D7 >< 

SEE? It’s damn bad. ))): I’m suppose to get:
English: ?
Physics: 70% and above, A2
Chemistry: 90% and above, A1
A. Math: 80% and above, A1
E. Math: 90% and above, A1
Biology: 85% and above, A1
Social Studies: 50% and above, C6 =X

Oh wells. But anyway, I know I need to get 76/100 for A. Math during EOYs to score an A1 for final grade. 64.3/100 for Chemistry during EOYs tos core an A1 for final grade. Well, for Chemistry, thank goodness I still maintained my 3rd position in class, despite doing so freaking badly for my mock exam. (: Anyway, I’m aiming to score 90/100 for all those subjects that I’m aiming for an A1. I better do. =X

Anyway, I’ve been affected in many ways. Sigh… Why must everything happen during my exam period? Things are getting way too complicated. Why me? I really can’t believe I’m facing this. ):  This is really affecting me. If I just think too hard for my examinations, I’ll just drift off to think about the problems I’m facing right now. Oh no. This is too much. ):  I can just freak out and cry right now. Sigh…


Quiz. :P

By CHILLY! ((:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1) I can’t sleep well [not like I ever did] if I don’t lay my pillow, boster and blanket properly on my bed. If I sleep without putting them properly, I’ll consider that as falling asleep and not prepared for bed.

2) I wanted to be an actress before primary 6.

3) I was in the Chinese Orchestra back in primary school and quit at primary 4.

4) I’m called ‘man’ at school by some people cause once at camp, I bumped into a guy. He fell and I didn’t. However, it was logic. I knocked him from his side. Of course he’ll fall.

5) I am called Jaslyn. =/  Anyway, majority of my schoolmates don’t know that I’m called Jaslyn too. HAHA.

6) I DO MORE THAN MUGGING. Haha. People always say I only study. Come on, I sing, I dragon boat, I do a lot of other stuff! (:

7) I was in ballet and Chinese dance from K1 [4 years’ old] to primary 5 [11 years’ old] at Dance Ensemble Singapore. I was being forced to join by my parents. I never like dancing. ><

8 ) I did not do my Chinese homework or corrections for my chinese workbook at primary 4. The Chinese teacher got angry, asked me to stand up, grabbed my workbook, flipped through the pages, asked me why I didn’t do corrections, threw the book, which hit the spinning fan, and went a few rounds with it, then the fan tossed the book at the clock, the book hit it, dropped on the floor, leaving the clock slanted, and my book had lots of torn pages. Haha. Believe me, I was still laughing with the class at that time. =X

I tag : Eldwin, Charlton Lim [CHS], Charlton Lim [HCI], Shi Min, Davin, Jolyn, Pearson, KP

What’s with the extra time?

This is really shocking. How can anyone have so much time left? I admit that I was afraid I couldn’t finish the papers, thus, I rushed through carefully. But then, when I finished the paper, I was left with the kind of time I didn’t have last time!

Yesterday, A. Math, I was left with 45 minutes, for a 1 hour and 30 minutes paper. [I used 25 minutes for 8 out of 10 questions]

Today, English Paper 1, I was left with 30 minutes, for a 1 hour and 45 minutes paper.

English Paper 2, I was left with 40 minutes, for a 1 hour and 40 minutes paper.

I was practically stoning after I’ve checked my answers! Oh wells. It’s so scary. I thought the papers were easy, while others thought it wasn’t and they had almost no time left to stone. >< What’s with me?

Anyway, I scored 29/40 for my English Oral Examination for EOY. That sucks. Then I scored 21/30 for English Mock Examination Paper 1 Section One. 41/60 for E. Math Mock Examination. YUCKS. 21/30 for Physics Mock Examination Section B. Overall for Physics Mock Examination is 63/100 [rank 14 in class, Shi Min was the same as me.]. EEKS. >< All the results so bad. Will be getting more next week. I want to see my Chemistry and Biology!! AND I want to know my A. Math!

Tomorrow is Higher Chinese Paper 1. Hmm… I hope I have enough time to finish the paper.