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The day before camp.

I didn’t blog yesterday. ><Β  I didn’t do much. All I did the whole morning was to type out some proposal for the council camp. In the afternoon, I was supposed to go out and do my work with Tianqing. But then, it was cancelled. In the end, I was sleeping at home. By the way, I called IMH yesterday and cancelled all my appointments. πŸ˜€Β  HAHA. I believe I’m totally fine now. (((: Once again, thanks to some lovely friends. ((: In the evening, I went to Junction 8 to watch Stardust with Mervin, Garfield and BJ. We watched the show at 17:40. It’s a WONDERFUL MOVIE! hahaha. I just wish it’ll go on and on. XD Actually, I like long movies, provided that it’s not draggy. hehe. Maybe it’s like more worth the money. πŸ˜› Then, I went home, discussed A LOT with Gena about the night activity of the council camp with Gena, over the phone and MSN too. It was really tough. This section of the camp has a lot of details to consider. Anyway, I’m excited about that. πŸ˜€

Today, I FORGOT TO BRING MY PHONE TO SCHOOL! It’s the worst thing ever. ): People can’t contact me and stuff. Because of that, I’m here blogging and not sending dad off at the airport. I didn’t have enough time to travel to the airport, because I had to return home to get my phone. So, I won’t make it on time. Oh wells.

In school today, we discussed, prepared and followed orders. Some things, all of us, EXCO, just don’t agree with the teachers. =X The main thing was the dry run. We really think it was ridiculous. It wasn’t as though we had a lot of time to spare. We weren’t done with the preparation of other areas. Preparation is of course more important than the optional dry run. I remember the teachers saying the other time that 17:00 is the maximum that we’ll reach, but I don’t think we’ll end so late. In the end, we ended off at 17:35. ><

Anyway, I just hope the camp is a success. Now, I’ll make a ‘vow’ here that at this 2D1N camp, I shall be optimistic towards anything that happen, and I will help out whenever possible. More importantly, OTHERS BEFORE SELF. πŸ˜€


lots of love,
jaslyn. ((:


All situational writings, DOWN! :D

I’ve changed my blogskin once again. ((: Quite sick of the old one. This is simple. I like it. xD

Today, I didn’t really have the mood to do any homework. I was at Bishan Library at 10:00 this morning. I started off with the English book review and talked about The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen. Next, I started on English situational writing. I think I was too driven at that time, although at the same time, I didn’t have the mood for homework. After finishing 1 situational writing, I started on another one. While waiting for Dominic to be done with training, I did another one. Then when I was reading the question for the very last situational writing, Dominic came with his 2 RJ friends.

We had lunch at Subway. It was my first time eating at Subway actually. haha. I think I was quite quiet at that time cause I totally don’t know those 2 people who came with Dominic. Then I had to leave early after I’ve eaten. I took bus 156 to Seng Kang to meet Wendy to discuss about the council camp. On the bus, I slept rather well. πŸ˜€

After discussing about the camp at MOS burger, I finished the last situational writing and left for home. ZOMG. I FINISHED ALL THE SITUATIONAL WRITINGS!! And I actually did 4 out of 5 in ONE day. This morning, staring at all the questions, I thought that it’ll be one of the last few homework I do. But then, I didn’t expect that I’ll finish them all by today. Wowzers. πŸ™‚

Tomorrow, I think I’ll be meeting Tian Qing to do my homework since he asked me to. I think it won’t be anywhere far, probably just at Sengkang. Nevermind. Maybe I should complete the 2 remaining comprehensions tomorrow. haha. I really can’t do the A. Math questions! Wait. I know I can, but at the moment, that chapter is still blur in my mind. So tough to do. I can stare at it and think for so long and come out with no possible solutions. Oh wells.

that’s all folks’!

jaslyn. (:

25 Chemistry Free-Response Questions, GONE! :D

FINALLY! I’m blogging after completing all 25 Chemistry free response questions! hahahahaha. I spent so many hours on it today. I wasn’t at any library or out with any friends to do my work. In the morning, I Aunt Alice fetched us to visit dad at Metta School at Simei. Then we went for lunch with a few other relatives at Peach Garden in Thomson Plaza. After which, we made a trip to the crematorium at Mandai. And finally, to my niece’s house. πŸ˜€ That’s where I started doing my Chemistry questions at 17:10, had dinner at 19:30, comtinued doing at 19:40, left there for home at 20:00, reach home, bathed, then continued at 20:50, and stopped to come online at 22:35, and continued doing. Completed everything at 23:55.

I thought this is one of the homework I won’t complete first. Haha. Looks like I was wrong. I challenged myself today to complete all the 25 questions by the end of the day. Not bad. hahah. 5 minutes before 00:00. πŸ˜›

Tomorrow, I’m going to Bishan Library at 10:00 I guess. Then I think I’ll start on.. A. Math? Yeah. Tedious work. >< And after that, I’ll have lunch with an old friend, Dominic! hahah. And I’ll probably continue doing the holiday assignments? heheh.

jaslyn. (:

getting sick?

My whole day was spent doing holiday assignments! Haha. I was at Bishan library with Shi Min, Khairul and Subbie. ((: I realised that it IS indeed the efficiency. I’ve completed 3 homework only, despite the amount of time I spent there. I completed 3 homework the past 2 days, although I had very little time. Hmm… Now I see the difference. Anyway, I don’t know what else I can do. hehe. I did concentrate on doing my work today, but I was very much interrupted during the afternoon when the glaring sunlight just made my eyes so pain. Moreover, my nose was like a running tap. ><

I think I’m going to fall really sick soon. =/ Inflamed throat, blocked nose, runny nose, migraine headaches. >< Anyway, I’ll just hope that I’ll be fine by council camp. (:

I finished 1 full English paper 2, 1 set of E. Math paper 1 and 1 set of E. Math paper 2. In other words, I’ve completed all E. Math homework! CHEERS! πŸ˜€

There are so many more homework to go! Just keep working on it. ((:

jaslyn. (:

Last day, finally!

Oh great! Last day of lessons today! Unfortunately, we had to stay back for council meeting. But today was much more fun than yesterday, though lesser people are around. I was expecting 4 periods of Social Studies today! But in the end, 2 periods were used for Biology practical. (: The other 2 periods, still Social Studies, BUT, we watched a movie instead! We watched a Korean war movie called ‘The Brotherhood of War’. It’s VERY bloody, violent and gory. I was quite fine with the scenes but many didn’t dare to watch. There were things like legs being blast off by mines, maggots coming out from a person’s wound, a soldier blasting his head off, etc. The movie was about the North and South Korean War.

Biology practical was a joke. haha. We were suppose to calibrate theΒ  oxygen sensr using the data logger to 8.24mg/L. I turned the knob like mad for that 2 periods and still, I didn’t even reach a 7.00mg/L. So, Mr Nizam said we shall try again when school reopens. haha.

I finished 3 holiday assignments today. πŸ˜€Β  1 full English paper 2, 1 E. Math paper 2, and Physics revision worksheet. haha. This weekend, I shall keep doing like mad. hahaha. All the best man!!

jaslyn. (:

Satisfaction. ;)

I’m so satisfied with myself. ((: With only the morning before lessons, and the time after the council meeting which ended at 17:00++, I completed a full English paper 2, a situational writing and an E. Math Paper 1. ((: Well, they’re only a SMALL part of the whole pile of holiday assignments. Haha. But I did something. πŸ˜€

I was excited for the council meeting today but it didn’t turn out the way we thought it would be. We didn’t get to plan the activities. There were many lectures and not much fun. The camp SHOULD be fun, but well, looks like it ain’t much fun now. We don’t even have a night party/campfire! But we’re trying to fit it in now, after we suggested it to Mr Lim.

Tomorrow is FINALLY the last day of lessons! And we’re going to have FOUR periods of Social Studies. Oh wells, Good luck to me. hahah. Nevertheless, it’s the last day! πŸ˜€ Β  After that, we will be having council meeting AGAIN. Well, I hope this time will be better.

My throat ain’t getting any better. >< But of course, I didn’t expect it to get better till next week. Haha. And I tried dissolving the empty capsule of Shimin’s painkillers in hydrochloric acid in the Chemistry lab today, after Chemistry practical. xD It was really cool cause that’s probably what’s going on when you swallow that capsule. πŸ˜›

PSLE results released!! Highest was 294! Man.. this fellow is a genius. haha. Anyway, my younger sister did well too. ((: 248. πŸ˜€ I knew it’ll be somewhere around there. hahah. Congrats girl!

lots of love,
jaslyn. (:

Danzen tablets.

My throat has been hurting a lot for the past 2 weeks. Lozenges were taken with close to no effects on my throat. I think my throat is a bit infected. I drank lots of water but it doesn’t seem to get any better. So, today, I decided to make a trip down to the pharmacy to buy some over-the-counter sore throat and anti-inflammatory tablets. It’s called Danzen Tablet [Serrapeptase]. Bought 20 tablets at $3.26. I hope it’ll work.

There’ll be council meeting tomorrow. (: It was a slack day today anyway. After lessons, I went home, finished Prison Break Season 2 and slept. After I woke up, I did a SEQ on Development. It was rather tough cause I’ve never learned that chapter before. But anyway, I finished 1 out of 3 of the SEQs for Geography! Cheers! ((:

I miss you guys.