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Showcasing my desk during Os period

Check this out!


Yes, I know it’s SUPER DUPER UBER MESSY! That’s what happens when you have Os. 🙂

There isn’t any need to pack this mess up cause you’re throwing the worksheets away soon or giving them to others! 🙂 So, why pack them up? 😀 Furthermore, once you are done with the subject and you’re never going to touch it again, you will just dump the stuff on the desk. 😛


Physics Craze.

Today, I tried to study PHYSICS because the next exam I’ll be sitting for is PHYSICS PAPER 2. I can’t believe how PHYSICS bore someone out and even make that person feel like tearing up the PHYSICS BOOKS. My goodness. I realised how stupid I am! You know why? I just know that you can DISCHARGE a CHARGED INSULATOR by HEATING! Wow! Isn’t that amazing? :/ Yeah, right. Can you believe this? I just know that like.. a few hours ago? And let me tell you, there are so many more things that I’m tested on that I still don’t know yet. >< See how stupid I can get? So, basically, if you want to create a stupidity test for me, just give me a PHYSICS paper and well, I’ll show you how stupid I can get.

*sigh* I know I’m whining. Yeah, but I can’t help it. At this critical moment when the PHYSICS EXAM is in 3 days, you just got to study it. And I can say that I barely studied today. I spent half the time STARING at the PHYSICS TEXTBOOK or PHYSICS GUIDEBOOK, trying to understand the FREAKING PHYSICS CONCEPT. I’m someone who totally shuts off when it comes to reading BORING STUFF. So, I think I need to get the repairman to repair the SWITCH that is used to turn on my brain. Maybe I need a new FUSE with a higher FUSE RATING for the LIVE WIRE that’s leading to the PHYSICS LIGHT BULB. Because the overwhelming PHYSICS INFORMATION (the ELECTRICAL CURRENT) is too much for my current FUSE to tolerate. So, my FUSE just BLOWS. *faints*

See? PHYSICS CRAZE!!! AHHH!! I really don’t know how to study for Physics. Simply because I have no tolerance for it. :/

Troubles, troubles, troubles…

Yeah. Stupid problems with stupid things. I really hate the feeling of fatigue everyday and the inefficiency when studying. Because of the tiredness, and I start getting restless and I end up staring blankly at the book or paper. Nothing goes in at this point in time.

I dislike the fact that everyone think that ‘O’ levels means study all day and all night. You don’t study means you’re slacking and it also means you’re not working hard and you will end up scoring real badly. What is wrong with people? Study all day and night? That’s totally insane. I’m just someone who don’t do that. So, some claim that I don’t seem like I am taking the Os at all. It makes me wonder sometimes too.

Remarks and comments by these people are really driving me insane, confusing me. A moment I believe I’m well-prepared, the next moment I think I’m prepared to do really badly. I’m so sick of this confusion.

*sigh* I’m just too confused. It just seems so easy sometimes but at other times, it seems so difficult and impossible.

*takes a deep breath* I think all I can do is give my best shot at the exam. Oh wells. ><

What I want to do.

While travelling or daydreaming, I thought about many things that I would like to do after my ‘O’ Levels on 13 November AND also, in my life.

1) Take a picture with a real tiger and lion. (:
2) Have a pet, maybe a snake or tarantula. HAHA!
3) Learn Spanish (I want to be able to speak at least 4 languages)
5) Workout and swim!
6) Dragon boat trainings

Crap, I can’t remember everything now. ><