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The day didn’t start off well. Hence, my mood wasn’t very good. I woke up, all ready to go to school. Then mum expected me to go for breakfast with them, when I was about to leave home for school. Not wanting to say no, I just went with them, worried that I may be late. Cause, what is it, for the head councillor to be late for the invest rehearsal? Yeah. In the end, I reached on time. ><  It’s always better to reach earlier, isn’t it? Anyway, that’s me.

Started off, all motivated and stuff. But it turned out that I screwed up everything. MANY of our original plans changed. Well, I know I know. We need to ADAPT to changes on the spot. I agree. But we, the exco, were sort of being shot down by the teachers horribly. Sort of disgracing us in front of our juniors. Especially the new sec 1s. Hmmm.. Okay. Fair enough. I understand that the exco isn’t performing up to standard. But it’s not as if we didn’t plan. We DID plan and, this being the FIRST rehearsal, being the exco, we didn’t want to be too harsh on our dear councillors. The main thing is to settle the sitting arrangements and stuff. ANYWAY, the teachers didn’t confirm with us the councillors who are no longer in the council. =X

Well,  I’m glad that the councillors are well-behaved though. And glad that they tolerated our ‘unprepared-ness’ like what the teachers said. Yeah, we MAY be slightly unprepared, but we KNOW what we’re doing, yeah? Just like to thank the council for their support. But just one thing. The other time, we tried to get our point across to the council about our plans, what happened? >< Yeah. Not many were listening. Hence, it’s not as if we didn’t even try to let them know about our plans. Oh wells. Today was just plain bad. =/

Anyway, my dear dear Wendy, has been asking me this question, ‘are you angry with me?’. Aww… I wonder how many times has she asked me that. But EVERYDAY, when she sees me, she’ll ask me at least once. Man.. Do I REALLY seem like someone who will get angry so easily, especially when she’s my friend, AND, she didn’t do anything that offend or insult me? Hmm.. I always say no. But looks like I seriously got to say yes one day? xD It turned from no to yes cause I’m getting annoyed by it. True, right? Then today, I guess she’s feeling a bit unhappy? Cause she kept asking me about Benjamin Low, thinking that I have something to do with him I think? Cause she just called me, asking if I went out with Ben. When i said no, she didn’t believe. ))): Ehhh.. I hope there’s no misunderstandings between us. >< 

After the rehearsal, I went to Compass Point for lunch. And met my juniors there! Kind of good cause I made friends with 3 sec 1s’ councillors. (: Yu Hui, Xin Fei and Grace! I still remember their names from the selection test! Woohoo! But I think they were alittle too loud, in the public. ><  A little embarassing. =X Please lower your volumes in future, yeah? 😉

Took bus 27 to IKEA at Tampines. Hehe. Gena, Amanda and I were having fun walking around! And I bought this cute little thingum for 50 cents! A little shark. =P Amanda and Gena bought the tiny octopus. Then, we went around, fitting our ‘pets’ into containers and cups, taking photos of them. hehe.

We couldn’t mug there as they didn’t have proper tables and chairs for us to mug. Though we know that they have tons of furnitures on sale. =D So, we decided to take the shuttle bus to Tampines Mall and met Huiling and Tuan Anh there. And, we mugged maths!

Gena and Amanda left, leaving Tuan Anh and I alone at McDonalds [Huiling was shopping for her new pencil case. xD]. I was having fun, making tuan anh lose. HAHA. Tuan Anh, you can’t get that piece of paper. >=) hehe. But I’m nice. ((:

I left Tampines Mall at arounf 17:10, took bus 72 home. Quite a long bus trip. Thus, I slept on the bus. xD Or not, I stoned. ((:

Hmm.. I kind of like my new hairstyle actually. Short and sweet. HAHA. Whatever. =D I just like it somehow. ^^

time to type out maths notes. 😀

au revoir! <333


Uber fun today! ((:

Before I talk about the FUN part, here are the bad parts of the day. hehe. Firstly, I wasn’t very happy cause I got told off by Mr Muru so many times this week. A total of 3 to 4 times. ):  Well, 3 times for asking me to get people to assemble in the quadrangle, saying that I’m a councillor, I should be doing my duty and not sitting there, talking. Hmph. I was there, discuss the council duties and training my juniors for flag rasing and commanding. Then, today, I’ve decided to go up and guide Huiling, and got Amanda Loong to guide Yan Ying. In the end, Jin Kai went up to guide Yan Ying cause I forgot to confirm with Amanda Loong whether she needs to go up or not. ><  Huiling, and I were way behind, very hard to get to the front. We ran up okay. When I reached the platform with her, Mr Muru said we were slow. )): It wasn’t me or Huiling’s duty today anyway. We were so NICE to go up and help, in the end, got told off by him. ))):  Worst is, the commander didn’t come up. So, I couldn’t guide Huiling, but did the commanding instead. =/ Oh wells. Crappy thing. I have a feeling that, if Mr Muru has to tell me off again, he’ll say that he wants to speak to me personally. Aww man. That seriously sucks. =/ Hmph. I shan’t let that bother me.

Then, the E. Maths test! I think I won’t screw up as bad as A. Maths. Cause I managed to complete all the questions except one. I forgot how to use the Completed-the-square form to find the turning point, y-intercept and x-intercept. Aww… And I wrote something wrong for the ‘solving x using fomula’. Instead of ‘-b’ at the starting, I used ‘-(b)^2’. Thank goodness I realised that for my last question. *phew*

Here’s the start of the UBER FUN PART OF THE DAY. 😉

We did Chemistry practical, basically learning how to use the burette and pipette, as well as cleaning the apparatus. And Mrs Lim was damn fun. And, when she showed us how to use the thingum that holds the burette on the retort stand, everyone was like, ‘WOW!!!’.. And started clapping their hands. haha. And after everything, I tried asking Mrs Lim for Potassium nitrate to make my cold pack, like what Tuan Anh taught me. Hehe. Unfortunately, Mrs Lim said she couldn’t issue potassium nitrate to people as it is used in explosives. haha. Hmm.. Sad. I want a cold pack! I need it to get rid of the swell at my rib area! hehe. Tuan Anh, get me some of those from your school! x))

Higher Chinese, we finish watching ‘The Cat Return’. Quite a nice anime actually. Really, the whole of the double periods, we watched the anime! That rocks. ^^ And after that, we went for Geography. We didn’t do much. Just did a bit of filing in that one period and drew abit of the Oxbow lakes or something like that.

I missed the council meeting today cause Mr Lim had to leave early for something. Hence, when I reached the AVA Theatrette, there were only Wendy, Huiling, Kelly, Ghee Wei, and Megan. They were doing the new duty roster. Guess what? Now, I have 8 duties a week. =O  All 5 days, I have morning duties, and on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, I have recess monitoring duties. Hmm.. recess duties. I always leave the class later. Oh wells. I hope I won’t miss the council meetings like today, cause 3E1 is the only class that has 1 extra period on fridays.

Went for cca after lunch. Hmm.. Today, I didn’t really edit the newsletter. Instead, I was editing articles written by my juniors. haha. It was kind of fun editing them cause some things are easy to edit. =P But sometimes, I don’t understand their language? need to ask them to explain. =X

After cca! Huiling, Felix and I went to Compass Point. The both of them had their meal at KFC, while I did abit of Physics Os questions. And after they ate, we headed to the LIBRARY!! Yay! That’s where my ICE CAPPUNCINO is! ((: Then I bought an Oreo Cheesecake too. Not bad. =P Then we chatted a lot! Especially about Huiling’s *ahem* and RJ. Haha. She got SO excited when I helped her to spot two RJ girls. Hehe. So cool. I spotted them for her. HAHA. =D

Then we went to Minitoons to get hairband. Hmm.. Actually its just for Huiling. Then I realised I needed one too. So,I got one. haha. =D I hope it looks all right on me. xD Then we ran away from Felix. hehe. Sorry. Forgot you didn’t have a phone. =X  So, we couldn’t find him later. Went to Sengkang CC, wanted to say hi to my dragon boat teammates. In the end, there wasn’t any training [again.]. But I met Uncle Kok Leong [my dragon boat team mate] at the lift lobby. Hehe.

After which, Huiling and I went to the night market, she looked at some bags and wallet. And we parted at Compass Point. I waited ULTRA long for Bus 156/159 to arrive. And bus 156 arrived first. So, I boarded it.

Reached home!! I’m happy. Tomorrow is the invest rehearsal. Hope everyone will be serious about it. And, serious mugging for Maths too! Hehe. With Mugging Corp.! ((:

Anyway, that’s about it! Finally! =D

nights people!

Whee! Mary is coming! ((:

lalala. I’m just so excited and happy! I just received a call from Mary, my penpal from Brisbane! Like.. OMG?!

First, I answered the call, then heard this person with some kind of non-chinese accent. I thought it’s someone from other schools, calling me regarding the invest. In the end, she kept saying she’s Mary. I only remembered who she is when she mentioned that she’s from Australia. Haha.

So.. We talked a lot. (: To be frank, she spoke in a very matured way. 😉 Man.. I like her accent. ^^ And she happily agreed to give a speech. Nice.. It’s like.. Most people will go like.. ‘Huh?!? Don’t want!!’.  I wish everyone can be like Mary.

We talked for like 12 minutes? =O  Overseas call, to my HANDPHONE. Woah. My bills. >< However, it’s all right. hehe. Since it’s a once in awhile kind of thing. (: She’ll call me again on Saturday. hehe.

I can’t wait to tell Miss Lo the good news tomorrow! Yay! Love you, Mary!! <333


‘Ehhh.. Did you cut your hair?’ “Obviously. xD”

I’m just so screwed for my A. Maths class test. I know how to do the questions. But the problem is, I was stucked at some questions halfway through the workings. This happened for 3 to 4 questions? As for the last questionm I completed it, but did not get the answer that most people got. ><  This means, there’s a high chance that I’m wrong. Oh wells. I think I’m also screwed for tomorrow’s E. Maths class test. However, I shall not spend my time worrying about these 2 class tests since they are, like mentioned, ‘class tests’. And, I’m spending my Saturday mugging A. Maths and E. Maths for my common tests on Monday and Tuesday. So, forget about these class tests and concentrate on other more important stuff! (((:

Chemistry, on the other hand, was easy. (:  Yay! I love Chemistry! Hehe. I have a feeling that my love for Biology has dropped while my love for Chemistry has rised. (: Anyhow, I still love Science and Maths. <333 hahaha.

I wasn’t very excited for higher chinese lessons today. Cause, it’s double period. Heh. But I’m excited for tomorrow! ^^ Reason being, 曾老师 is going to show us ‘The Cats Return’. Some kind of anime or something. And the title is something like that. He showed us that for 20 minutes today. And tomorrow, he’ll continue it for the whole of the double periods! Oh gosh! That’s great. =D

And English was damn fun. (: Cause, the whole Mugging Corp. exco gathered to form a group to do one paragraph of the expository! It’s damn zai can. Haha. We’re like seated together all along. So, we were the first to be in our groups. So, we had the privilage to select which paragraph we want to write. We selected ‘future’, paragraph 4. Apparently, we’re like the best group ever! So, we worked together, with laughter and stuff, and manage to complete the work. That’s the best part. xD And Gena was so funny when other groups were presenting. Cause Mrs Ng will point out the mistakes and state what we should have in our short paragraphs. When Mrs Ng points out one mistake, and we have what she wanted, Gena will go like, *snaps her fingers* and say ‘YES! 我们有!’. HAHA. So, I kept making her do it. =P  In the end, our paragraph was rather well-written. 😉 Just that the last part needed some elaboration. Hehe. Yay! We rock!! haha. I seriously enjoy my time with them can. I love you guys! <333 =)

Biology can be considered alittle boring for today. triple period. how’s that? supposingly the last 2 periods are lab periods. But, no practicals today. So, all 3 periods were tutorial. Thank goodness I understood everything for the Biology topical questions. (: 

After school, I went straight for my musical singing session. That was when I realised that only a few people were called to go for the singing session. Gena wasn’t one of them. ): But Amanda Ting was . (:  There were a total of 4 of us: me, Amanda Ting, Wendy and Benjamin Low. So, we just sang one song. ‘All I Ask of You’. A nice song with a couple of high notes which I can’t really hit. And I’m NOT musically-inclined. I can’t read scores. I can’t really tell why that particular part of the song is sang that way. Hence, it was rather bad when Mr Beng asked me about the song. I could hardly say a thing. ):

I couldn’t find anyone to visit Clayderman with me today. How sad. Thus, I didn’t go and visit him. Instead, I went to Compass Point with Huiling for lunch and did some of my homework there too.

In school, I’ve receive MANY comments on my new hairstyle. Many said it’s nice. Others asked rhetorical questions. ‘You cut your hair?’. Right. Obviously. Haha. I knew I’ll hear that kind of question. Sigh. That’s the bad thing about changing hairstyles. ><

Currently, my muscles are sort of aching all over. Just because of the simple standing broad jump and shuttle run yesterday? Woah. Sweet. Such huge effect they can have on my poor muscles. In addition, I feel as if I bruised my left rib cage. It’s hurting rather badly. Hope it gets better soon. It better do.

that’s about it for now.

bye people! (:

Done and undone.

Now, my hair is kind of short. haha. But I can tie it up. (: The hairdresser, mum’s friend, ‘over-cut’ though. Shorter than I expected. Oh wells. haha.

I’m so glad that I’m done with the expository notes! And I printed them out. hehe. For my dear MC exco. ((:

I just kept calling ‘expository’, ‘exponential equation’ today! Like.. What’s wrong? haha. Crazy about maths I suppose. xD

Yikes. I know I’ve got so many things to do. But I just wish for a break. Now, I don’t know what to do. ><  Mug maths? Do Geography powerpoint?

I’m feeling bored. =/

What can you say about the climate?

Aww man… today is such a HOT day. Or is it just me feeling hot? Hmm.. I doubt so. And now, it’s drizzling. I’ve been perspiring since early afternoon. Especially in the hall. As if I was in a sauna or something. [slightly exaggerated though. haha. but I WAS humid].

This morning, my juniors, sec 2s, took over the raising of flags and the commanding. Alvin was the commander while Bernice and Feng Mee were the flag raisers. Good job people! It’s their first time. So, there were a few mistakes here and there due to the anxiety in them. But, I will train all flag-raisers and commanders soon. (: 

Tomorrow is A. Maths test and… I think I should be able to clear it, after today’s supplementary class held after assembly. I better get more than 20 marks if it’s out of 30 marks. Or not, I think I’m doomed for now. I may get a chance to practise more questions later. Hehe.

Assembly was a perfrmance by my school’s concert band. I love the second piece as it was rather well-played. Jia Ying was like.. prefect up there. xD hahaha. I bet she played well on her clarinet. ^^

As for PE, we did standing broad jump and shuttle run. Last week, we did inclined pull-ups and sit-ups. Here are my ‘results’:

  • Inclined Pull-ups: 30 [grade: A]
  • Sit-ups: 42 [grade: A]
  • Standing Broad Jump: 200cm [grade: A]
  • Shuttle Run: 11.5 seconds [grade: A]

Hmph.. My timing for shuttle run increased and SBJ drop too. ><  Yikes. My shuttle run is horrible. Got to do better. jiayou!!

 Physics was rather okay. Hehe. Just a new chapter. I like starting on new chapters. ((:  More interesting. hehe. I love Science! whee!

Now, the bad news. ):  Clayderman, one of my good friends in my school, has been admitted to the hospital. His lungs sort of ‘broke down’ and fainted yesterday. He’s in one of those wards that only allow two visitors to enter, and they need to put on some kind of clothings before entering. Doesn’t sound good. ><  And today is his birthday. ))): Get well soon, Clayderman. I may visit you tomorrow.

Oh wells. It’s damn sad can. Such a nice person. ><  And he’s our Deputy Head Councillor, and Vice President of ODAC. He should get well soon. Take care!

Anyway, I’m going to cut my hair now! lalala. Not to those very short hairstyle. Just longer than shoulder length and is able to tie up. ((:

sleep sleep sleep. =/

eeks! I want to sleep!

Hmph. I shan’t bother about Mathematics for now. ))):  I hate to say that though. Kind of sucky. But, I seriously need to sleep. =X  Man.. that’s damn sad can. I just hate to say this kind of ‘i don’t care’ stuff.

nevermind! I will go and sleep.