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I’ve been so busy and tired that I don’t feel like blogging nowadays. >< I have a lot to share, but… *sigh*

So many things happened again. I met some Japaneses, and made the decision to learn Japanese (on my own) because most of the exchange students are Japaneses.

As for projects, good and bad things happen but well, the final product was not bad, that’s the point. 

Anyway, I’m just making this super short update to revive my blog for awhile.

Hope that I won’t feel so tired soon.


I’m back, just for a moment. heheh.

OMG! I haven’t blogged for such a long time! :X So sorry to all my regular readers (if any!). hahaha.

Anyway, many things have happened over this period of time! haha. The main things will be, I have my own laptop now and also, I have cable tv! 😀

Totally rocks man! Anyway, got to go. I’ll TRY to update asap. Heheh.

Another Saturday

It’s boring Saturday again! If only I can go to Megan’s place like Fridays. haha.

Anyway, I went to National Library to study with and accompany Hui Ling. I studied some stuff for marketing. It was actually quite boring as I had nothing much to study. So, I borrowed some books to read.

Actually, today, there wasn’t really much that we did. I went home alone as Huiling was staying till 21:00. I took bus 70 and it was really the wrong choice. I should’ve taken the MRT train home. >< I ended up with motion sickness, causing me to feel nauseated and have a headache. The feeling was so awful. >< I had to alight from the bus at Serangoon MRT station to buy some dried orange peels to suppress the nausea. And then I took bus 109 home. The discomfort lasted up till now. >< Still feeling kind of giddy. :/

Anyway, I’m going swimming tomorrow at Anchorvale then study with huiling. And in the late afternoon, I have to go for my dragon boat training as coach contacted me about the upcoming race.

Here are some photos taken last Saturday at the library@esplanade and in front of Esplanade:


Me and Huiling in the library@esplanade


In front of Esplanade




Me and Tuan Anh