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Dragon boat & outrigger canoeing!

Well well well, I’ve spent my whole day at Bedok Reservoir! My first time doing that. I went there for my dragon boat race. It’s an 800m race and my team took part in 4 races, 20-mixed open, 20-men open, 10-women open and 10-men inter-business clubs, at the times 11:40, 15:10, 15:30 and 18:10 respectively, claiming the timings of 4:17.38 mins, 4:17.16 mins, 5:57 mins and 4:57 mins respectively.

I rowed for 2 races and that’ll be the mixed and women races. It was quite tiring and we didn’t enter the semis for any of the 4 races we took part in. We came in last in all except for the 10-men inter-business clubs, we came in 5th. But, we’ve put in our best efforts and that’s what matters. For the 10-women open, I was having heartburn. That sucks. Despite taking Gaviscon before the race, the heartburn didn’t subside. However, I made it through the race.

At the race venue, we met some of our old rowers that are not in our club anymore. Alvina is in SAFRA now. Faizal is in Singapore Paddle Club [SPC] now. And Amran, not really out, but busy for this year. Faizal invited us over to the SPC Outrigger Canoeing Open House on 7 and 8 July. I suppose I’ll be going with Yi Qian and Ai Zhi on Saturday, from 14:00 to 17:00, at Sentosa, then we’ll make our way to SKCC for the Thank You dinner by Minister Teo, because of our first Champion for dragon boat the last race. This time, it’s free, for both events. The outrigger canoeing is a try out. Super cool. THEN, you know what Faizal asked me? He asked me to join SPC. ZOMG. SPC is a good dragon boat team!! Well, it’s 40 bucks for 3 months. I’d have to pay. But, I may consider joining. However, I won’t leave my current team. Faizal said it’s all right to row for both. They have very little females [hence he’s asking me to join]. The ratio of men to women is like 39:12. Well, I’ll consider.

Anyhow, I did some A. Math notes there during the breaks, as well as read a bit of Social Studies which bore me out. Yeah. So, no race tomorrow! Hence, I’m going to do my work with Charlton [from Catholic High] at Bishan Library tomorrow afternoon. I may go there earlier.

AND, one last thing, I saw Miss Ng today! She was rowing for NTUC club and she made it into the semis tomorrow! Whee! All the best to her!




I feel that Social Studies isn’t that bad after all! At least for now. (:  We’re going to start studying about Northern Ireland next week and it’s like, I’m interested in it!! However, we were made to read pages 1 – 21 and 111 – 130 in the textbook by the next lesson. Oh wells. Looks like I got to bring my textbook and read it at race tomorrow and Sunday.

Today’s musical rehearsal was kind of terrible to me. As in, I screwed up and all that. I couldn’t deliver my lines properly — mixed them up. And I kept walking out of character. During the performances whereby we have to pretend we enjoy them,I kept stoning away. I couldn’t concentrate. Apparently, it was too boring sitting there and watching. ><

Anyhow, today, Mrs Singh spoke to me about my anxiety/stress problems. She’s the 3rd teacher to talk to me about it. First was Miss Lo, then followed by Miss Sophia Tan. We spoke after school outside the staff room. To be frank, I didn’t know what to say. So, Mrs Singh asked me questions and I answered, though not very well. It was hard to describe things and point out the root problem. But she was nice enough to talk to me about it. She said she could see the anxiety when I spoke to her. Hmmm.. Maybe. I thought probably I was really tensed up.

Lunch time was totally boring. I spent it alone cause I couldn’t find anyone that I always spend my meal time with. That sucks. I decided not to eat and go to the library to copy A. Math notes. However, later on, I decided to eat cause I don’t want to end up with gastric and all that.

Tomorrow is the race! We’ll do well I guess. And I think I’m having some crappy problems with my parents. =/ Especially mum. It’s like she just don’t understand things. She always misunderstand me and nag about crap. It’s super annoying. Not that I want to mention it but I can’t stand it anymore. Nevermind. Shan’t continue. =/


Carsick? No way.

I can’t believe it. I’m getting carsick and motion sickness so easily. I’ve been feeling sick on the car or bus like within 15 – 20 minutes of the ride. Yikes.

Anyway, nothing much today. As in I’m all tired now and can’t type much at the moment. I was so tired that I was reluctant to attend the council meeting.

Anyhow, thanks to Fi, I managed to reach home earlier. *phew*

Tomorrow, I’ve got Higher Chinese, Social Studies and Chemistry lessons only. Perfect. Lesser lessons. Then after that, I’ll continue with my A. Math notes. I’m still indulged in copying the notes. That’s a good thing. At least there’s something I can do about my studies right now. Then after that, I’ll have the combined rehearsal to attend.

Okay. That’s all for today. Apologies for the short entry cause I’m really really tired. =X


Aww man…

Today wasn’t too good. I observed that now that school starts, I’ve been having abdominal discomforts every morning. It’ll usually be gone after some times, after recess, at around 11:30 to 12:00. I’ve been trying not to take Gaviscon, really. I only took it on Monday when it was really bad. But yesterday and today, all I did was took out the tube of Gaviscon, stared at it and put it aside. Antacids are not good. So, don’t rely on them at the moment.

Oh wells. It’s kind of bad today cause I ended up having chest pains. Usually if I do have chest pains, it’ll be for a sec or two. But today, it lasted for a minute or two. The pain was really sharp, like every heartbeat was pricked by something sharp or what. I tried breathing exercises and they didn’t work cause I was afraid to breathe hard and feel the pain.

I must say that I screwed up my Chinese mock oral test today. I feared that I’ll have a lot of words that I don’t know how to read in the passage. And it happened. Some words, I roughly know how to read them but they didn’t turn out the way I practised it when I recite the passage to the examiner. There were many words that I didn’t know how to read and I didn’t read it fluently. There were parts where I paused and repeat the phrase and stumbled upon them. I was looking forward to the end of the passage cause I couldn’t read anymore. Next was the discussion. The topic was about the plastic bag policy. Oh man. I suck at the terms. I kept using the wrong terms and spoke like someone who can’t speak properly. The examiner prompted me twice to thrice and that’s all. The results was unbelievable. It only showed how lenient the examiner was. I scored 33/40. Higher than many who were suppose to do better than me. I shall take away six marks and pretend that I scored 27/40.

For English lessons, we were suppose to get into groups of 4 or 5 to create a school of our own. It can be specialised in anything and it must attract students to sign up for the school. My group it the usual MC exco. We created a travel school and we have super cool facilities. Tomorrow is the presentation and I’m the spokesperson. We haven’t completed our discussion actually. Oh wells.

For the Social Studies lesson that I was looking forward to, it turned out just fine. Miss Lo showed us a video of Hossan Leong singing the song, ‘We Live In Singapura’. I’ve heard that song before a couple of times. Hossan Leong is really talented to actually write a song that includes the history of Singapore. We’ll have to create our own versions tomorrow.

Rehearsal was extremely tiring. I was with Miss Wong to take photos for my role’s montage. She was very funny. She said that when she was told to get a photographer from PH Times [my CCA], she said that she’ll get her official photographer and that’s me. I never knew that. But that’s cool. And she realised that I was the one that has to be taken. Haha. So she took the photos of me. It was bad cause I had to tie pigtails for the young minister! EEKS! I’ve never tied pigtails for a really long time. But well, I did. And sadly, it’ll be shown too so many people during rehearsals and even more on the actual day. People are going to laugh at me. Oops. Then I had to put on Mr Muru’s wife’s business suit. Miss Yeo said I really looked like a minister that way. Well, I got positive comments. That’s good. But it was definitely a bit slow for me cause I’ve got broad shoulders and a little big sized. Then when I got back, I was made to continue with the rehearsal. Oh man. It was too sudden that I couldn’t perform very well. Had mind blank as though I forgot all my lines. Thanks goodness I didn’t. But I almost did.

I’ll put up the photos later on.

Oh yes. I was selected by Mr Riyaz to join this Milo Cheers On Team Singapore 2007 thing. Its a 2.4km run and we’re representing the school. Well, I’ll just join. It’ll be on 15 July.

Got to have an online meeting with some councillors regarding teachers’ day celebration now. And I’ve got training tomorrow, council meeting and long lessons. Man.. A long day, AGAIN.

See you soon then!


What a day!

Oh man. What a day! I just reached home from dragon boat training and I’m totally worn out. I don’t have the energy to type a lot but I’ll try.

I can’t believe it. I actually forgot that I had PE today. Not really forgot, but just didn’t notice it on the new timetable. I only realised it when I was in school, grabbing books from the locker. I panicked for awhile and was fine after that. Just thought that probably Mr Riyaz won’t scold me for that cause it’s the first time and there was a new timetable.

The first 2 periods of the day was Higher Chinese. We were asked to practice our Chinese oral cause the ‘O’ levels Express Chinese Oral for Sec 3s is next Tuesday. Goodness. He issued out a passage to read and he’ll test us. Surprisingly, I did rather well. He said I emphasised on the right words and it was great, other than the too long or too short pauses at comas and fullstops. However, I think that wasn’t a reliable test cause I practised a couple of times. During the real oral, I wouldn’t have so much time to practise. And what’s worst is, clarify the words that I don’t know how to read.

English was the best period of the day. We watched the movie, Patch Adams, throughout the 2 periods. Man, I love that movie! It’s inspiring and all. It’s real and Patch Hunter is such a wonderful person.

Other than that, I went to KAP today to try and study. Due to the bad mind, I did some copying of the A. Math notes instead of reading new things or deal with long paragraphs of words. I’ve decided to copying all the A. Math notes that I’ve taken down since the start of the year, all from scratch. The main objective is to revise and at the same time, transfer the notes onto a nicer book with nicer and neater handwriting. I was so indulged in it. I was reluctant to stop and head for dragon boat training.

Anyway, training was a bit crazy. As in, it was tough, and I didn’t do my best. Not exactly that, but I did my best on the spot, but it was not the best that I could do. I suppose it was due to all the fatigue. Oh wells. Nevermind.

I’ve been having eczema on and off. It’s rather annoying. Like, you kept scratching it. =X I’ve got meeting and rehearsal tomorrow after school. And I’ll be having a mock oral exam during the last 2 periods of the day. All the Chinese teachers in the school will be present. Sigh. I know I won’t do well. So, drop it.


I should say that first day of school was rather screwed. Many things happened and it was quite a hard day for me, being all anxious about school starting again.

I woke up this morning, with a positive attitude for the day. I tried. Then I had my breakfast and I was just fine. I didn’t want to take the bus to school cause I didn’t want to see those gross worms on the pavement, and furthermore, I didn’t want to step on them. So, I decided to walk to school. I listened to some music and it kind of left me in a teary mood. As I walked, I felt the pressure.

When I reached school, I went straight to get my uniform to change. I wasn’t feeling too well at the abdomen. But, anyhow, I changed and talked to Jia Ying. When everyone assembled, I went around, talking to different people. I spoke to Jane about the council meetings and teachers’ day celebration meeting. I heard from her that that wasn’t any meeting. She said that everyone couldn’t make it. Later on, I heard from Clayderman, the vice-president of the council, that Jane and Wendy forgot about the meeting. =/ Well, nevermind.

Then I spoke to Miss Lo. She was great, really. I think she could tell that I was stressed out and depressed, but she asked me still. So, I told her the truth that I was. Then, she talked to me, tried to help me and stuff. And she said I could talk to her anytime I needed a listening ear. And she even asked if I have good quality sleep every night. That was when I realised, I actually don’t have good quality sleep. Oh wells. But whatever that she told me about made me feel better. I’m glad that she’s my social studies teacher. That’ll be good.

Next, we have a change in timetable. Well, wasn’t a very good change. This term, to add on to the ‘Monday blues’, we have triple science and double math on Mondays AND, all these ends off with English lesson.

First 2 periods were relaxing, quite, I would say. Cause they were form teacher periods. Then when A. Math started, my mind went blank, accompanied by some bad abdominal pains. ><  Thank goodness it got better after taking Gaviscon. However, I can say that it was the anxiety that triggered the abdominal pains.

Chemistry was better but of course I forgot some stuff. Same thing for Physics. The new teacher for Physics for our class. I must say that he was rather good, although the lesson is dry. But I THINK he tried to put in efforts to joke a bit. However, I don’t know why, he doesn’t laugh at anything. Even when the whole class was laughing at it.

Blah blah blah…

I talked a lot to Gena, Amanda Ting and Shi Min in order to get things off my mind. It made me feel better though. But I can’t go on talking to people during lessons. So, that sucks.

We had rehearsals in the afternoon where 2 new teachers joined us. I had to put on my court shoes during the rehearsal. I must say that Hazimah and Wendy have made great improvements. I screwed up some lines, confusing them with one another, when I was actually right at first.

Well, I’m just totally worn out by the first day of school. I’ve got dragon boat training at Kallang tomorrow. So, I’ll have to bring a lot of things. School bag, shoe bag [probably], think worksheets file, dragon boat paddle and hermit crabs. Hope I can carry them properly tomorrow.

That’s about it. Can’t wait to talk to people on HW. It’s such a horrible day. With abdominal pains, bad eczema that disappeared after applying eczema cream by afternoon, and now, red sore eyes. =/


it’s back to school tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I’ve got homework to rush. Thus, I can’t post a very long entry, though I kind of wish I could. I’m all right now, from last night. Thanks again, princess and Keli. Love you guys. (: And I didn’t cry. 😀 

Okay. This morning, I woke up, feeling really hard to move my body. Every movement is accompanied by the sensation of muscles aching, especially my abs. All these came from the two weight trainings I had on both Wednesday and Friday. It was worst last night though. Hehe.

Anyway, I had breakfast at Hougang Green with my family before going for Buddhist class. Today, it was as usual — boring. =X  However, there was one part that interest me. The teacher talked about Science!! He talked about quantum theory, theory of relativity and atoms. However, it was very vague. But actually, today’s lesson was more interesting as it was more on philosophy and science, instead of Buddhism.

After that, I went to the McDonalds at Suntec City to do some homework. I got myself a Vanilla Frappe from McCafe. It tasted not bad actually. Great. (:  I love Frappe and Frappacino! 😀  Now, I’m extremely happy to say that I’ve completed the 2 chinese exam papers! zomg! The most difficult homework amongst all [to me.]!

Then, I went for dragon boat training. Since I passed Yi Qian’s paddle back to her, I took one from Chua. And I brought it home! Yay! It’s better actually. Heh. It doesn’t have that sticker with the word ‘super’ on it and it has a black grip! Whee! At the training, Audrey, Yi Qian and I caught some baby hermit crabs. Aww… They’re so lovely! Audrey named the fat one ‘Fatmit’ and Yi Qian named the other one ‘Hermit’. The 2 others doesn’t have names. hehe. I brought them home! ((:  By the way, I got some nasty blisters on my palm after the training because I already have some abrasions from the weight trainings.

Now. I got to rush 6 Physics mindmaps! I hope someone can print it for me and pass it to me tomorrow when I’m done. Actually, we bought the black printer ink. However, the cartridge was dented. I brought it back to the shop for an exchange. Unfortunately, the other cartridges are dented as well. So, he asked me to bring home and try to print with it. It didn’t work. Now, being rather late, they could only try to exchange with us tomorrow night. Oh wells.

One more thing! I remember I left my uniform in the HOD work room at school! Oh my gosh. I can’t wear my uniform to school then. I’ll wear my PE attire to school and change into my uniform when I retrieve it from the HOD work room. I have my council badge on it. =X  Nevermind. Anyway, I’ll need my PE attire for afternoon’s rehearsal anyway.

I must be prepared for school.

Take care, all!