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Today was my first day at work at Donut Factory. I can’t believe I got to put on make-up! :O And I need to clip up my hair too — as in all the baby hair and stuff. Oh wells.


Oh wait… I have no more mood to talk about my job! :O


I found a job again. :P

It was a rather happening day for me. I’m just glad to be home.

In the morning, after mom cleaned the house, she accompanied me to the ‘scam company’ to collect S$24 (US$17), which I should receive for last Monday’s work. I’m just glad that I won’t have to step into that building again. 🙂

After that, we had lunch at MOS Burger at AMK Hub. I just really like the corn soup and ebi rice burger (without lettuce) there. 🙂 

I have my follow-up appointment with the ENT at Tan Tock Seng Hospital at 14:25 today too. So, mom and I headed to TTSH after lunch. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the same doctor. >< The ENT I consulted the other time was a really good one. (: I missed at least 9 doses of the medication and my throat is still unwell. I was afraid the doctor will give me some kind of lecture for missing the doses. hahah!

It turned out that the doctor I consulted today was really nice too. 🙂 He looked pretty young to be a specialist! Nevertheless, he was kind of surprised that my throat is still unwell. He performed laryngoscopy on me. This time, it felt like the doctor inserted the scope further down as compared to the other time. It felt a little uncomfortable. Anyway, I figured that he’ll probably mention something about my nose! He was like, ‘hmm… you have very sensitive nose, right?’. Haha! Yes, I do. And today, I was sneezing in the morning and all that. So, he said my nose seemed pretty blocked, even now. True. So, today, he prescribed a nasal spray for my sensitive and blocked nose. No other medications! Yay! 😀 However, since he can’t really decide why my throat is still unwell, I have to go back to TTSH on December 4th for a Barium Swallow X-ray. >< And I’ll have a follow-up the week after, on December 11th. Oh wells. I just hope they can detect the problem as soon as possible and solve it so I can stop thinking about it.

After the medical appointment, mom and I walked to the Donut Factory at Novena Square, directly opposite TTSH, to buy some donuts for breakfast. 🙂 I totally love the spicy cheese donut! :p Before we entered the shop, there was a notice outside the shop stating that they’re hiring and require people who are at least 17 years’ old. I went into the shop and asked if I can apply, considering that I’m 16. Well, they allowed me to apply! 😀 So, I filled up the application form and sat for the walk-in interview. 🙂 There! I got a job there at Donut Factory! 😛 The pay isn’t fantastic and it isn’t the kind of place I’d like to work at. But I’m just glad I’ve found a job. 🙂 I hope that my life at Donut Factory will be great. 🙂

I’ll be working at the Donut Factory at Novena Square starting from Friday. 😀 So, tomorrow, I have to collect my uniform. 🙂 Furthermore, working at a food outlet will mean that I need the typhoid jab. So, I had my typhoid jab just now at the clinic. Looks like my holiday won’t be that boring anymore. 🙂 I’ll be willing to work long hours! :p

I’m just so excited for Friday! I’ll be working only from 12:00 to 16:00 on Friday. Such a short time! :X But I’m excited to learn and serve! whee! 🙂

Oh yeah, I think I really miss learning new languages and making new friends from around the world. >< I miss Polish language and Russian language. haha! Hope to learn some new stuff soon. 🙂

Dragon boat Race – River Regatta 2008


Watching the sunrise alone at Merlion Park at 07:15. (: Those group of people are actually some American tourists. 🙂


The Merlion at Merlion Park. (:


Another beautiful view


All the dragon boats at Kallang River (my training venue)


Kallang River (my training venue)

The River Regatta race heats were actually held yesterday. My team’s event was the last few. I was asked to reach at 14:00. So, I reached Singapore River (the race venue) at 14:00 and realised that coach hasn’t arrived. I called him and he said that I can reach at 14:30. So, I found a place in a shopping mall and sat down to read my book.

I returned to Singapore River at 14:30 and coach was not there yet. While I was walking, I saw one of my teammates. So, I joined him and continued to read my book. I found out that my race event should be at 16:05. However, in the end, we only started to prepare and register at 17:30 due to some delays.

Suddenly, there was lightning and thunder. So, the organisers had to stop the race for awhile and wait for the lightning to be gone. They carried on for 1 more event after some time when they were convinced that the lightning was gone. Unfortunately, after that 1 event, the lightning returned with some drizzle. So, the organisers decided to postpone the remaining race events to today which was suppose to be for the semi-finals and finals.

My team’s event was included in the last few events that were being postponed. So, we had to report at Singapore River today at 07:30 and the race will start at 08:00++.

I woke up at 06:00, left home at 06:30 and somehow, reached Raffles Place MRT station at 07:10. So, I was super early and I really dislike hanging around the race venue alone because all the other teams are there. It’s like big groups of professional dragon boaters staring at you. It just makes you feel like they are looking down on you. :X

So, I decided to walk to the Merlion at the Merlion Park. It was still really early. 🙂 I walked there alone and enjoyed the morning breeze. The sun was rising and it was beautiful and relaxing, as shown in the first picture. Then after awhile, a group of tourists, probably from the U.S. walked towards that area with their tour guide. 🙂 I think tourists are very interesting people. It’s like they are here at my country and you know that they are actually from the other part of the world with a totally different culture. 🙂

After enjoying the sunrise, I walked back to Singapore River but couldn’t find any teammates. So, I sat down at read my book at 07:30. I managed to reach coach’s cellphone after some time and he said he’ll give me a call when he reached. At 08:30, I still didn’t receive any calls. So, I walked around and found my team at one corner. They were already preparing to report for our event. Thank goodness I decided to find them. If not, they would’ve gone for the race without me. haha.

The race was fine and I was surprised that we were 4th out of 5 teams in the heats. Considering our training, it’s not surprising to be last. I’m not being pessimistic here, but just facing the truth.

Anyway, the race ended earlier than expected — 09:00. So, I was feeling bored. I walked to Merlion Park again, then to the Esplanade, the Singapore Flyer, back to the Esplanade, to CityLink Mall, then Marina Square, and finally, Suntec City. It was rather tiring but quite interesting. But it was getting a bit too hot once it starts to approach the noon.

After lunch, I intend to make a trip down to that scam company to collect my pay since my dad called the boss and he agreed on paying me what I should be receiving. I was suppose to be at the office at 14:00. That explains why I didn’t go home right after the race. I thought I could hang around until that time.

In the end, at about 12:00, after lunch, I felt extremely tired and sleepy and decided not to go to the scam company. It’s a Sunday! I don’t really expect them to be open. I took the bus home and it was a very long trip. I felt very dead on the bus and just want to sleep but can’t sleep properly.

When I reached home, I slept for 3 hours plus.

This is one of the days whereby I spend my whole day out alone.


The holidays are really getting boring. No friends (other than huiling), no job, no money. *sigh* Everyday, I leave my house, excited that I have somewhere to go with someone. Then when I’m out, I’m so tired and feel like going home. Zzz…

I had plans before the holidays started. Things like learning a new language was really exciting. However, due to the financial crisis and stuff, I don’t really dare to mention this to my parents. 

When can we, friends, go out together? I really thought that all of us can enjoy together after the O’s and some actually agreed to it. But now? We haven’t have a single gathering or outing. And the past 3 days, other than yesterday, I’ve been very free. But you know, I kind of dislike the freaking red camp by NP. It’s like all my good friends, except Shi Min and Dorothy, went for that camp! Grrrr… How irritating. So, when are you guys free?? :/

Tomorrow is my dragon boat race. I guess no one remembers it. But well, I thought some people wanted to join me at the race then we can celebrate after that. It doesn’t seem like it now. It’s going to be so lonely and boring. And I really have no idea what to do after that race! Nowhere to go. Even if there’s somewhere to go, there isn’t anyone to go with.

Can you imagine? Huiling, my dearest junior who’s taking her O’s next year, is actually the one who’s accompanying me around the past few days! I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot, Hui Ling!

Oh yeah, one more thing, I’ve became a very big eater. I think it’s because I have nothing to do. So, I just keep eating and snacking. :/

What a SAD holiday.

Job hunting. :P

I went for job hunting again today! This time, I spent more time walking from shop to shop to ask if they are hiring any part-timers. To be frank, I really don’t wish to work at any shoe shops (e.g. Charles & Keith, Aldo), clothes shops (e.g. Topshop/Topman, Fox, Hang Ten), personal care stores (e.g. Watsons, Guardian), convenience stores (e.g. 7-Eleven, Cheers), fast food restaurants (e.g. McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Carl’s Junior), supermarkets/hypermarket (e.g. Fairprice, Cold Storage, Carrefour, Giant), electronics stores (Harvey Norman, Best Denki). So, I kind of avoided going to these stores to request for a job, although I still went to some.

For some of the restaurants that I went to, they asked me to fill up the job application form and will contact me soon for an interview if they’re interested to hire me. These are the places that I’ve filled up the job application forms:
– Fish & Co.
– Swensen’s
– Seoul Garden

I thought there were more. hahah. But anyway, the pay at Fish & Co. seemed pretty good. (: But still, I’m not giving up hope for working at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. 🙂 Looking forward to any replies from any companies! 😀

I quit my job! (:

I’m so glad that I quit my job today! It was a totally scam! Cheap labour! Grrr…

You know what we had to do?

Go to a designated place and station there the whole day. My station today was the Tanjong Katong Complex carpark. I was at the carpark the whole day! Anyway, what we had to do was to get people to donate 10 bucks or more (in multiples of ten). For every $10 they donate, they’ll receive a free complimentary ticket to the BeautyHope spa, facial or slim & slender treatment. It’s a freaking 10 bucks! :X How many people will actually be willing to donate that much? Furthermore, people are always ‘rushing for time’ or just shaking their heads to show that they don’t want to donate or are annoyed by us asking them to donate. I really dislike this. Yes, I want a job whereby I can communicate with people, but not when I’m making people unhappy. I want to provide a service to people (for example, a ticketing officer). So, no way this job is suitable for me!

And, you only get 30 bucks if you finish 1 booklet (15 ’10 bucks’ coupons). I only sold 12 coupons today ($120) and that’s already VERY difficult. Furthermore, you have to sell more than 10 coupons if not, you’ll have to do a forfeit back at the office. Gosh. What crap. And, the people working there SMOKE. Zzz.. I totally dislike smokers and cigarettes!

Oh yeah, the job ended at 20:35 today. They said it’ll end at 19:00. Tsk tsk…

Totally bad influence and the job we did today doesn’t fit the job scope they mentioned to us yesterday! Totally crappy and scam! I’m just so glad that I’m not working for them forever! (:

I found a job! (:

Yesterday I went job hunting with Huiling and Barry. We were looking around at Suntec City for jobs and Barry and I filled up the job application form at Harris to work at the cashier. They said that they will call us in for interview.

Earlier yesterday morning, I was reading through the newspaper (Recruit section) for jobs. I saw this one that said, “Earn up to S$500 (US$354) weekly! 100 youths needed for immediate project. Call _______.” So, I called in and they asked me to attend an interview that afternoon. They told me the job scope which was to plan for the charity organisations and create awareness. So, I thought that’s pretty interesting. Last night, they called me and told me to go for job training today!

So, later, I’ll be heading to that place with Barry, who got the job as well, to start our training. I hope it’ll go well. 🙂